Hounds of Arawn

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Hounds of Arawn <br /><br />

Let me begin by introducing to Arawn.  Arawn is the crowned King of Annwn, which is the shadow land of Hades.  His kingdom is the bottomless pit of existence and he is the one that guards the gates. To assist in his duties to guard the gate, he commissioned a legion of the most powerful spirits of the Underworld.  He gave them his powers and abilities.  He sent them out not only to help guard the gate; but he also sent them into the mortal realm to collect lost souls.  These creatures became known as the Hounds of Arawn.<br /><br /> 

Recently, I stopped at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, to investigate reports of strange goings on.  I found nothing super out of the ordinary, other than the normal spiritual activity that would go on at an epicenter such as this historic cemetery.  As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed something out of the corner  of my eye.  It was shadowy with fiery eyes.  As I watched, it began to take full form in front of me, turning a crystal white color, its eyes ablaze with green flame.  <br /><br />

As I gazed into the creatures eyes, I held account of every soul it had ever collect.  I heard their thoughts and knew their powers.  I was taken into Hades, into the Shadow land of Arawn.  I was given his spiritual powers and obtained consecration by his spiritual legion.  Before I returned to the human realm, I was given this piece.  I am calling this piece the Globe of Arawn, it was set into Sterling Silver and is very, very powerful.  <br /><br />

Now, it is important to realize the Hounds of Arawn were not evil beings.  They are merely dual spirits, they are omniscient of both dark and white powers and magic.  Thus, their abilities are omnipotent and can be used for any purpose.  Thus, the Globe is not a dark crystal, but rather a clear one, that will allow you obtain a neutral form of power to use at your own free will.  The Globe contains an entire legion of Hounds that have been fused into it by the hands of Arawn himself. <br /><br />

These Hounds will be your own personal legion, setting forth to do the work you commission them to do.  They can hunt down souls, powers, and energies among other things.  You will gain their spiritual powers and magic from the realm of Hades.  You will gain their shape-shifting abilities, along with the ability assume their state-of-being-- meaning you can enter the royal courts of Arawn at any point you want to obtain powers and mysticism.  The power that flows from this piece contains no restrictions and you use its energies however you choose.  It is a very powerful piece from an all-original very powerful experience.  I am now making this piece available to the first taker.  Do not pass this one up!!  <br /><br />