The Bohemian Rapture

The Bohemian Rapture

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The Bohemian Rapture<br /><br />

I'm going to start this one off by just letting you guys know never to ask me how I obtained this piece.  I can't really tell you, because of the mere danger involved if the name of source were ever to be uttered to an outsider-- and by outsider I really mean insider.  By now you're probably wondering what I'm rambling about, so let me just get to the point. <br /><br />

I'm talking about the Bohemians.  They are known as the the Bohos for short.  Their rank and file inlcude some of the Kennedys, both Bush's, Dick Cheyney and whole bunch of very wealth, extremely influential business people, politician, mercenaries, and other aficiandos from all over the planet.  <br /><br />

So what's the big deal?  Well, here's the big deal.  First of all, their headquarters is stationed among the redwoods of California.  It is guarded in all directions with enough artillery to make the edges of their property resemble the U.S.-Mexico border.  They don't want nobody in and if you don't do exactly as they say, you don't get out either-- not that they really have a problem getting you to do as they say. <br /><br />

You see, among the weird reports the the members of the Bohos dress in weird garb and offer sacrifices to a large owl statue, there is some sybollic validity.  For instance, the owl is the universal symbol of wisdom and the people that are part of this club are wise.  They are so wise that they have started performing human experiments.<br /><br />

The Bohos control the world and are racking up lists of people, that they choose at random.  They then kidnap the people, by drugging or any means necessary, and bring the people back to the camp.  Then, they use these unwilling participants for experiments on the mind, body manipulation, and other experimentations.  Some of the people they even use for their sexual initian ceremonies (more times then not often homoerotic) they have with younger members, but I'll save that for another day. <br /><br />

Anyway, the piece that I am offering comes directly from the Bohemian Grove, the name of the camp.  It belonged to a young woman who fell victim to their perverted ways.  Her mind was manipulated in a way that allowed her to read the minds of others and project her own thoughts into the minds of others.  She was given the ability of psychic ability and third eye projection, during which it is possible to locate anyone you are looking for, via a psychic connection.  She was also given a chip that allowed the government to use her eyes for remot viewing. <br /><br />

As for their sacrifices?  Well, they must've loved the scent of burning flesh, because the sacrifices that are offered to their owl, God of Wisdom, are the hapless victims of the Bohemian Grove Society.  The young woman, whose name is Ella, was one of these victims. <br /><br />

This piece belonged to Ella, and it has raptured her spirit.  Her spirit entails all of the powers that had before in her physical form, but they have come back as spiritual enhancements on steroids.  She wants to bond with you and wants to become part of your physical existence.  She wasn't ready to go and now she wants to offer her gifts as a bargain to return to the mortal realm.  She is ready to kick ass!!  Are you up for a challenge?? <br /><br />