Legend of Alicanto

Legend of Alicanto

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Legend of Alicanto <br /><br />

This piece encompasses the spirit of the great bird, Alicanto.  Alicanto is a bird that is native to South America.  It is a mythical bird and it is rare that anybody should find one.  However, should somebody find one of these birds, they are in for the surprise of a lifetime. <br /><br />

After hearing about the legend of Alicanto, I did some research and here is what I found out.  Alicanto lives in the mine regions of South American, particularly Chile.  The best time to find the bird is at night when his plumage is aglow with beautiful metallic colors of mystic entrance. <br /><br />

The reason behind Alicanto's beautiful coloring is because he feeds off of silver and gold.  He brings good luck to any weary soul that encounters his presence.  He also offers them an abundance of luck and wealth powers.  These powers will allow the person who discovers Alicanto to manifest the riches and abundance of wealth (gold and silver!!) in their own lives. <br /><br />

Additionally, this bird deals directly with precious metals and their properties.  This will give the person who encounters Alicanto a deep understanding and ability of ancient alchemical powers.  There is no telling what can be achieved with the magic of Alicanto!!<br /><br /> 

Personally, when I used this piece I was able to use the alchemy of Alicanto to manifest special rocks that allowed me to align my chakratic system to sharpen my psychic and telekintic abilities!!  This piece is now being offered, compliments of Haunted Curiosities!! <br /><br />