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Will O' the Wisp<br /><br />

This piece is one that I have been working with for nearly a year now-- ever since we left New Orleans.  I haven't told anybody about this experience, merely because I always wait to recount my tales until I have conclusive evidence and can answer any questions concerning what I am offering. <br /><br />

This piece is infused with an original VooDoo princess.  I encountered her in a most peculiar fashion that, until I researched it, was pretty much a mystery to me.  Will O' the Wisp is a term used to describe a traveling spirit, but not just any traveling spirit.  It is the souls of the damned that have returned to Earth to damn the souls out th the living.  I know, it isn't very nice, but that's just what they do.  They have been sent up from the Underworld to do a job, so they do it.<br /><br /> 

Anywho, most of the time these entities entities appear is swamps and marshy areas; however, sometimes they tend to elusive as they have only been properly identified for what they really are in at the end of the 18th century.  It comes as no surprise, then, that my close encounter came while visiting one of the most famous cemeteries in American history--  St. Louis #1.  <br /><br />

I encountered my "will o' the wisp" spirit while investigating St. Louis #1 at night.  Now they say not to visit St. Louis after sundown because of the imminent danger.  Not only is the Cemetery renowned for paranormal activity that has often times left people missing or dead, but the locals seem to view this cemetery as their own personal party grounds-- it tends to get rough sometimes.<br /><br /> 

The locals were the least of my problems that night.  We were out with a tour guide named Calista, who had no problem taking us to St Louis #1 at night time, for the right price.  As I was exploring the plot of land, famous for hosting the burial of Madame Laveau, I saw a light shimmering off to the left of where I was currently crawling on all fours.  I got up to my feet and followed the light, in an almost trance-like condition.  As I followed the light, it began to rescind and eventually taper off. <br /><br />

My first reaction was to think that it had been merely a passing spirit, chased away by human energy.  However, as I neared the place where the light had once shone, I began to pick up on a negative, dark energy.  When I reached the crypt where I had noticed the light, I found myself staring into the face of eternal damnation. <br /><br />

Lucky for me, Deedee informed us all to wear a protection piece while on the investigation.  My particular piece was a rosary that allowed me to carry the protection of angles that night.  As the demon gnashed its teeth at me, unable to inhabit my shielded soul, I got over the fear that had initially frozen my body.  Hey, I know we do this stuff all the time, but if you had a demon gnashing at you out of nowhere, you'd be pretty scared too.<br /><br /> 

Anyway, I immediately held a capturing ritual and captured the lost soul in this item.  As I have been working with this item, I have encountered the spirit of a VooDoo Princess.  She was one of the unknown contemporaries of Madame Marie Laveau.  She practices the Voodoo of Marie Laveau, but unfortunately after a while she was entranced and turned to the dark side.  Her soul was lost and she was sent to Hell at judgement.  Now, her soul has come back to haunt and damn the souls of hapless victims.  <br /><br />

I have cast a white light spell on this piece that will prohibit this piece from ever taking over the soul of the person who hosts this piece.  Also, it is important to note that this demon-of-sorts has agreed to manifest her powers to her host on condition that we do not send her back to the Underworld.<br /><br /> 

Now, this piece is available for our customers.  It is very powerful, indeed.  It will manifest, not only the Voodooun powers of the Princess and Madame Laveau, but also the dark powers of the Underworld, while providing a white light protection that I have put there personally.  It is a very unique power that you will not want to miss out on-- trust me!!<br /><br />