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This piece has been blessed with the powers traditionally used by some of the most elite warriors in the ancient templar order. These warriors were called in to battle in great times of needs. During the crusades in the middle ages, these warriors were called upon to lead the vast army of templars and knights to overtake the city of Jerusalem. They fought while wearing pieces like these, and seemed to never fail while in battle. Any opponent who dared try to stop them from achieving their goal was swiftly cut down. With the powers of these pieces backing them, they became nearly unstoppable. Now the same powers are offered to you! <br /><br />

The powers this piece gives to its user are powers of the unrelenting force. This magic was used often by warriors during battle so they could not be bested in battle. It grants one the power to achieve their current goal, no matter who or what gets in their way. This magic has been adapted for modern day use, meaning that the user need not be a warrior of any kind to gain the benefits given by this piece. For example, you fall behind your quota at work and you only have a limited amount of time to meet it. Your not sure if you can complete the task placed before you and your starting to worry about the consequences. At that point, this piece will become of great use to you. The powers granted from this piece will allow you to power through any and all obstacles in your path. <br /><br />

To gain the piece's benefits, one must keep the goal in mind they wish to achieve while wearing the piece, and at night, place the piece somewhere safe outside. Do this so the divine spirits that have blessed this piece can easily locate the piece and keep it charged with divine power. Be sure to take good care of this item, for if it is lost or broken you will loose all benefits from the divine spirits and it will be very difficult to reestablish their favor. Wear the piece with dignity and your goals will be within your reach! With the divine powers of the unrelenting force backing you, you'll be able to achieve your wildest of dreams!