Casadaga Original-- Extremely Rare Piece!!
Casadaga Original-- Extremely Rare Piece!!

Casadaga Original-- Extremely Rare Piece!!

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Casadaga Original-- Extremely Rare Piece!!  <br /><br />

I have been working with this piece since we got home from Florida in December.  I must say that I am quite pleased with how this piece came along as well and as quickly as it did.  This piece is an original that was manifested to me during my visit to Casadaga Spiritualist Camp.  <br /><br />

If you've never been to Casadaga, then I must have you know that the town is quite old and has a very rich history of spiritual craft and energy.  It is a delta of spiritual flow and due to the way the town is situated, there is even a vortex of spiritual energy which makes for an abundance of spiritual activity.<br /><br /> 

I think the person from whom I received this piece was here compliments to the vortex.  She wasn't a person at all, but rather a straggling soul that had a gift to offer.  Then again, maybe it was sheer destiny that I should encounter a piece like this.  Either way, the piece is powerful.<br /><br /> 

The night I encountered this piece I had just finished shopping at the store adjacent to the hotel we were staying in-- picking up gifts for friends and little mementos for myself.  I walked out into the breezy Florida air and encountered an older woman, who must've been at least sixty.  She dropped a slip of paper that began to blow in the breeze. <br /><br />

I noticed what happened, so I chased down the piece of paper for her.  It was more difficult than it sounds, because the sun had just begun to set and the light was casting long silhouettes on the ground.  Finally, I did find the paper, though.  The lady seemed not to notice.  I chased her down, attempting to get her attention.  It was nearly worthless, she must've been hearing impaired. <br /><br />

Just as I was nearing ten feet from where she was standing, she abruptly turned around, flashed me an eerie smile and disappeared as if she was never there in the first place.  She turned to ash and her remnants were dispersed in the breeze.  I stood there, perplexed for a minute until I noticed something was in my hand.  Instead of the paper that had previously been there, I found a thin sheet of glass.  It was older and brittle and was careful not to damage it.<br /><br /> 

At first there was nothing to the glass.  It was merely a piece of glass.  However, as a picture develops from a Polaroid camera, so a picture turned up in the glass that I had received-- It just took a few hours for the picture to "develop" and for me to realize what was going on. <br /><br />

The negative that was infused into this glass is a picture of the woman that I had encountered earlier.  The glass is enchanted with her presence.  Through testing this piece and connecting with the woman psychically, I have discovered that she was an early citizen of Casadaga.  She was a spiritualist of the highest ordained order.  She immigrated here from Bulgaria and carries with her an original Bulgarian magic that has been contained in her family bloodline for centuries. <br /><br />

She was instructed by the spirits of the ancients to move to Casadaga and share her wealth of knowledge.  She did; she remained in Casadaga until it was her time to pass.  For some reason, she merely happened to pass through the portal on the day that I encountered her outside of the gift shop at Casadaga.   Some say it is chance, but I like to think it is destiny.<br /><br />

To use this piece, you must frame it and lay a picture of yourself over top of the blank glass (aside of the negative of the woman).  Her existence will merge with your own and her presence will be manifested to you.  You will gain her spiritual witchcraft ability, which is magic of the purest and whitest form.  It is an ancient European witchcraft that will afford you the abilities of spells, divination, ritual magic, and the magic of ancient decrees. <br /><br />

You will also gain the powers from the vortex in Casadaga.  Essentially, the energies that are in this item are time manipulation from the Casadaga portal.  This is what allowed the lady to travel in time and to our realm.  You will be able to use this most powerful energy for astral travel along the time continuum and to the realm the "other side" as the spiritualists in Casadaga call it.<br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and should be treated as such.  When using this piece it is important to give the witch enough time to bond with your soul.  Once she has, she will not be shy and your powers will come on full-throttle!!<br /><br />