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Jambhala, sometimes called the Wealth Giving Buddha, provides for one's physical needs so that you can focus on your soul. Jambhala does not provide wealth for wealth's sake, but so that you can live a better, more elevated, highly spiritual existence.<br /><br />

Jambhala is an extremely popular spirit and many non-Buddhists, as well as those pursuing a Buddhist path, testify to his generosity and assistance.<br /><br />

The name Jambhala derives from jambhara, the Tibetan name for the citron fruit, which is the symbol of wealth and fertility.<br /><br />

Jambhala originated when Buddha Shakyamuni was trying to meditate and was interrupted by a demon. Jambhala spontaneously appeared to divert the demon. Buddha was so impressed by his bravery and initiative that he asked whether Jambhala would like to serve as a Dharma Protector, and so Jambhala joined the Buddhist pantheon.<br /><br />

Jambhala bestows fertility in addition to wealth and material comforts.<br /><br />

This ancient artifact will allow you to connect with Jambhala so that he can bestow his blessings of wealth and abundance on you. While in possession of this artifact you will also find that Jambhala will protect you from all dark forces, just as he protected Buddha Shakyamuni from the demon. If you are having trouble conceiving or are having problems in a relationship, he will provide you with the gift of fertility, love and contentment. Jambhala is a truly beneficent deity who will grant your heart's every desire. All that he asks in return is that you offer him water daily and carry out good deeds on behalf of the less fortunate.<br /><br />