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Has the spark in your marriage all but diminished? Is your significant other slowly becoming more and more distant? Do you fear that new person in your life is already getting bored with you? Fear no more with this enchanted ring case of love! This case has been powered with intense love magic. The same magic is often found in love potions and strong love incantations. Those that have used this type of love magic before have given the practice much praise, as the failure rate for this magic is extremely low. <br /><br />

In order to gain the undying love of that person of interest, the user of this ring case must first acquire two rings of any nature. If you happen to already be married to the person who's love your attempting to win back, then using your wedding rings would be the best route to take. If you aren't married to this person, then you'll be needing two rings (one for you and one for your intended lover) for the enchantment to work. Once you've acquired two rings, place them within the ring case along with the petal of a flower, and speak these words. "These rings I bind with pure love power, feelings of desire bloom with the flower." Now that the words of power have been spoken, close the case and leave the rings within for five days. <br /><br />

On the fifth day, open the case to reveal the empowered love rings and the withered flower petal. If the flower petal isn't withered and dead when you open the case, the rings may need more time to infuse with the love magic. Once they have been infused, all you must do now is wear the ring intended for your finger, and give the other to your love interest. Once the ring has made it on to their finger, allow several hours to pass before the powers of love take full effect on their mind. Now that person wearing the other ring will be linked to you for as long as they wear the ring, and their love for you will know no end! Because the rings are linked, their level of interest in you is determined by your level of interest in them. So as long as you love that person they'll be sure to love you back! Bring love into your life with the lover's ring case, and begin a happy relationship with that special someone!