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Not feeling like you have enough "down there" to please your current partner? Wish you could impress the woman in your life with little extra down there? Well wish no more with this fertility piece! It has been infused with the fertility magics that were common in ancient african kingdoms. Though these kingdoms have been lost to time, their magical practices are still in most ways still present. In ancient africa, fertility and sexual practices were held in very high regard and were considered some of the most important parts of life. Men that had power in those ancient civilizations were expected to be well endowed. If they weren't, then thats where this type of magic came into play. <br /><br />

To gain the benefits this piece brings, simply wear the piece during the act of sex. Not only will you experience an increase in size, but an increase in stamina as well! You and your partner will be amazed at your new found sexual prowess! This piece can only be used once a night as it relies on the sun to charge its powers. This piece is not only a gift for you but a gift for your partner as well! The magic from the piece will travel into your partner as you make love, causing them to be more in the mood, and to have a large boost in energy! Never have a dull moment in bed again with this piece, and never worry about not being able to please your partner again!