Blue Angel Blood

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Blue Angel Blood<br /><br />

I have been testing this piece for some time and I have been able to extradite a very powerful presence from the piece.  Originally it had belonged to a friend of mine who said that it is a piece that had changed her life forever.  I received the piece as part of my friend's will when she passed of natural causes last year.<br /><br /> 

I received the piece in the mail with a brief letter.  In the letter was the testament that this piece was her personal protection all throughout her life.  She had received the piece in the most bizarre way.  When she was 12 she was in an accident that nearly took her life.  In the wreckage of the crash which she somehow managed to escape, she found this ring glistening, unscathed by they accident in any fashion.<br /><br /> 

She kept the piece, because she felt a connection to it.  It wasn't until years later that her grandmother visited her psychically in her dreams to explain that the piece that she had received was a gift from Heaven.  It contained the blood of the Blue Nephilim, which have been sent down from Heaven, but not cast down.  They were sent by God to help look after his flock.  <br /><br />

This piece is the ultimate guardian angel and companion piece.  It will give you the white light protection of God and keep you free of all tragedies and evil predators.  You will gain the knowledge of the Heavens and be able to psychically communicate with angels from all levels of Heaven.  You will also gain the ability to psychically communicate with spirits from across all plains of existence.  You will receive the Holy Spirit in the form of white light magic. <br /><br /> 

The best part about this ring is that the material is very conducive for magic.  It is 10k gold with an original blue sapphire.  The sapphire was made in a blood transference ritual with the Blue Nephilim!!  The powers are all original.  We have tested them and all concur that this piece is of the highest purity!! <br /><br />