Sekhmets Abode

Sekhmets Abode

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Sekhmet is a lioness goddess, who is also referred to as The Mighty One, Great of Magic, Lady of Terror, Lady of Action, The One Before Whom Evil Flees, Mistress Dread, Lady of Flame, The Scarlet Woman. She epitomizes the blazing, scorching power of the sun. She is a goddess of war, justice, destruction, and healing. Her name may derive from a root word meaning "to be strong, powerful, mighty, or violent." Sekhmet is among the fiery manifestations of the Eye of Ra.<br /><br />

She is a fierce guardian goddess of Upper Egypt. Her hot breath created the desert. Sensational descriptions of Sekhmet tend to emphasize her destructive aspects, but she was also among Egypt's most significant healing deities and remains an active healer today.<br /><br />

Most spirits must be asked before they will intervene in someone's life. Sekhmet, however, is renowned for appearing in dreams and visions in order to perform successful healings. No one summoned her, at least not consciously. Instead, Sekhmet recognized a need and personally took the initiative. (Sekhmet appears when invoked too.) If Sekhmet heals you without first being asked, offerings are in order. Sometimes this is a one-time favour but it may also be her way of extending matronage. If you wish to accept her offer, then create an altar or make some other gesture of acknowledgement, such as an offering of beer or incense.<br /><br />

Sekhmet heals all illnesses except those of the eyes. She is associated with blood ailments. She has dominion over the menstrual cycle and women's reproductive systems. Sekhmet should not be bothered for trifles, but she is an intensely powerful and proactive healer.<br /><br />

Sekhmet's energy has been infused into this incredibly powerful talisman. With this talisman in your life, any spiritual, emotional or physical ailments will be healed. She also repairs relationships and can fix anything that you feel is "broken" in your life: a job, a financial situation, a legal problem. If you invoke Sekhmet, she will provide for you immediately. But don't be surprised if she provides the necessary healing without being asked. Just remember to make an offering to her if she intervenes on your behalf without being invoked! She will do her best for you if she feels that she is appreciated. <br /><br />