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The idea of warrior angels seems like a paradox, yet all major religions speak of them.
While the tasks performed by most angels are peaceful, delivering messages, praising God, serving as guardians and helping people to pass from this life to the next, angels are also often called upon to make war with humans and even with each other.<br /><br />
The Archangel Michael is the angel named in the Book of Enoch as the vanquisher of Lucifer and the other fallen angels. He is the angel most associated with fighting. He is usually depicted wearing armor and carrying a golden sword. In the Catholic religion, he is considered the patron saint of the military and police.<br /><br />
In 701 BC, Michael destroyed almost two hundred thousand Assyrian soldiers to save the city of Jerusalem and, in the fifteenth century, he along with Sts. Catherine of Alexandria and Margaret of Antioch instructed Joan of Arc on how to attack and conquer the British.
In Islam, he is called Mikail.  Many sources state that he helped Mohammed and the early Muslims vanquish the Queraysh tribe at the Battle of Badr Wells.<br /><br />
In the Christian Book of Revelation, Michael is the angel with a key and chain who will do battle with the devil at the end of times and will bind him for one thousand years, resulting in a thousand years of peace.<br /><br />

Because of Michael's identification with the warrior, he is the angel most often called upon for protection against harm.<br /><br />

While Michael is the most renowned warrior angel, there have been many reports throughout history of angels who have appeared on battlefields to help soldiers. IN 1914, during World War 1 at the Battle of Mons in Belgium, the English were overpowered and outnumbered by the Germans. Many of the English soldiers insisted that they had witnessed a regiment of white-clad, shining apparitions appear between them and their enemy combatants. The Germans retreated as soon as the angels arrived.<br /><br />

Two other sightings of angelic warriors were reported by British officers over the next few days.<br /><br />

In 1918, the German troops declared that a calvary clothed all in white mounted on white horses attacked them near the town of Bethune in France. The riders couldn't be killed with conventional weapons and the Germans were again forced to retreat.<br /><br />

But the sighting of angel warriors goes much further back than World War 1. When Attila and his Huns were about to enter Rome, he saw two luminous beings flanking Pope Leo. They held flaming swords and told Attila that they would kill him if he proceeded. He instructed his army to retreat. And, during the crusades, captured Turkish soldiers and sailors swore that they'd witnessed armies of angels fighting on the side of the Christians.<br /><br />

Angel warriors ensure that good triumphs over evil. They provide hope in the midst of chaos and light up a world that often seems very dark.<br /><br />

With an angel warrior on your side, no one can do you harm and you will stand victorious in all of your efforts, so long as those efforts are for good and not evil.<br /><br />