Aratron's Zodiac

Aratron's Zodiac

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Aratron's Zodiac<br /><br />

This piece infuses the presence of the Seven Olympian Spirits to give you Seven dinstinct powers of the Zodiac.  As you all know, or if you don't you will now, it was Zodiacal and otherworldly magic that allowed the Great Pyramids of Egypt to be erected.  Specifically, it was the Magic of Orion that most have been after for Centuries, but in order for the Magic of Orion to work properly, everything has to add up.  These are the Seven Spirits that make all this possible.<br /><br /> 

I have gained the powers of these seven spirits during an invocation ceremony with a spiritist.  The results have released the secret powers from the corners of the Zodiac.  The reason these powers are usually kept covert is to keep a higher balance of all things in the universe.  Keep that in mind if you intend to use this most powerful free-form piece. <br /><br />

This piece was made during a conjurane and capture seance that we held in conjunction with a society of modern-age witchcraft practitioners.  The spiritual components of all Seven of the Olympian spirits has been sealed in this piece and will be brought out to the person who hosts it.  We have done testing on this piece, and can concur that the seance was a success the presence of the Seven Spirits is very imminent in this piece.  <br /><br />

When they work together the spirits' energy will give you the overall secrets and magic of the Zodiac and its cycle.  They will give you the oneness that is incorporated with the existence of the Zodiacal Cycle and the proportions that keep all things balanced mentally and spiritually.  This means that a vast amount of magic and magical rituals including spells and rites will released unto you.  Runes of ancient magic will flow in your life and will give you a surplus of magical abundance. <br /><br />

Specifically, this piece channels a direct calling upon the most powerful of the Seven Spirits, Aratron, who is Known as the alchemist.  He controls the planet Saturn.  He will teach you and give you the secrets of spiritual alchemy and magic.  He will prolong your life and reconcile your spirit with that of the universe as a means of making all systems work together as one.  He will also make the barren fruitful, which means he will be a magnate for success and wealth in your life, and who doesn't need that?  This piece is powerful and has been tested.<br /><br />