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This is more of a service than it is an item, because the power that I have been able to channel can be infused into any piece of your choosing.  We can create a specific piece for you, or add this additional power to any item.  I have been working with it since we have returned from investigation in Florida.<br /><br /> 

It seems that while most spiritualists work very closely with animal familiars, a lot of them also work together, hand-in-hand with animal spirits.  Animal spirits represent certain traits and characteristics that people may want to add or enhance in their lives.<br /><br /> 

Following is a list of animal spirits that we have accumulated.  Like I said, we can turn any of these items into a specific piece for you or infuse them into a piece that you are already purchasing.  <br /><br />

Alligator: Strength<br /><br />
Ant:  Industriousness and Efficiency<br /><br />
Antelope: Speed<br /><br />
Bat:  Intuition<br /><br />
Bear:  Timeless Knowledge and Healing<br /><br />
Beaver:  Power Over New Beginnings<br /><br />
Bee:  Co-operation of Elements<br /><br /><br /><br />
Bird:  Rising Above and Freedom
Butterfly: Transformation of Love and Balance<br /><br />
Cougar:  Leadership<br /><br />
Coyote:  Quick Thinking and Cunning<br /><br />
Crane:  Balance and Dignity<br /><br />
Crow:  Resourcefulness and Magic<br /><br />
Deer:  Wisdom and Peace Within<br /><br />
Dog:  Loyalty<br /><br />
Dolphin:  Spiritual Communication and Inner Harmony<br /><br />
Dragonfly:  Creativity <br /><br />
Eagle:  Majesty, Power and Healing<br /><br />
Firefly:  Illumination of Mind and Body<br /><br />
Fox:  Cleverness and Discretion<br /><br />
Frog:  Peace, Love, and Healing<br /><br />
Goat:  Diligence and Effectiveness<br /><br />
Hawk:  Awareness and Self-Truth<br /><br />
Hedgehog:  Spiritual Protection and Guidance<br /><br />
Horse:  Transformation and Spiritual Change<br /><br />
Hummingbird:  Beauty, Grace, and Appearance<br /><br />
Lizard:  Release of Undesired Attribute/Characteristics<br /><br />
Loon:  Communication and Serenity of the Soul<br /><br />
Mouse:  Charm and Charisma<br /><br />
Otter:  Joy, Balance, and Spiritual Uplifting<br /><br />
Owl:  Timeless Wisdom, Healing, and Ancient Insight<br /><br />
Peacock:  Self-assurance and Confidence<br /><br />
Pelican:  Abundance, Wealth, and Fortune<br /><br />
Porcupine:  Humility, Self-Respect, and Self-Worth<br /><br />
Quail:  Harmony within the Group<br /><br />
Rabbit:  Overcoming Obstacles, Spiritual Protection, and Luck<br /><br />
Ram:  Determination and Success<br /><br />
Raven:  Mystical exploration, Release of Mind<br /><br />
Salmon:  Persistence<br /><br />
Seagull:  Spiritual Freedom<br /><br />
Seahorse:  Spiritual Nourishment <br /><br />
Seal:  Peace and Tranquility<br /><br />
Snail:  Perseverance and Achievement<br /><br />
Snake:  Power and Protection<br /><br />
Spider:  Spiritual Connection, Psychic Ability<br /><br />
Wolf:  Loyalty and Knowledge<br /><br />

These spirit animals possess the knowledge and traits of their species.  Once you are in touch with, and you have bonded with your spirit animal or animals, you can ask them for assistance.  American Indians believe that all animal spirits provide divine enlightenment and guidance.   These spiritual elements are very powerful and will work for you in an efficient and effective way.<br /><br /> 


** This listing is to purchase this service as part of another purchase! Please note that! This means that if you bought a piece, lets say a djinn, and you want to add the power of the rabbit to overcome obstacles, spiritual protection and luck -- we can fortify this spell upon that piece to embark it with the spirited power and not harm the original powers....so it will be super imposed~!!<br /><br /> 


Very Cool**<br /><br /> 


*If you are interested in a piece that will just hold the power of a specific animal only, then check out listing 011212044 --- this is available into a selected piece for $75.00.<br /><br />