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Have you ever wondered what things were really like back in the day? Have you ever felt like you belonged in a different period of time? Good news! This piece allows the wearer to transport their mind's eye through time! See what things were like a year ago or see what the world was like as far back as prehistoric times! This piece has been infused with the magic of a wise time-traveling wizard that used his advanced knowledge of time travel to go back and forth through time, learning everything and everything about the world and it's greatest mysteries! <br /><br />


In order to use the piece properly, one must first prepare their mind's eye for time travel. To do this, set aside a day where you don't have any obligations, and find a room where you can begin the process. Enter the room alone and allow no one else to enter. Then, make sure any and all time telling devices are turned off. By doing this you will have no concept of time for a short while. Once the clocks are off, go to the center of the room, sit down and close your eyes, thinking only of the time you wish to travel to. Remain in this room for an hour while wearing the piece, and your mind's eye will begin to prepare itself for time travel. <br /><br />


After doing that ritual 3 times, its time for your first trip through time. Enter the room you've been using to train your mind's eye, and be sure no clocks are on. Go to the center of the room, and with your eyes closed while grasping the piece, say this line 3 times "Through the years my thoughts will climb, with my mind's eye open wide, I am a master of my time, To time I am no longer tied." After doing this, focus your mind on the time and place of your choice. After the first 5 minutes your mind will begin to be taken over with thoughts of the past! You'll be able to envision past events clearly, as if your actually standing there! After the first time you take your third eye back in time, you can do it as many times as you like! Just repeat the ritual and be sure all clocks are off in the room! Be the time-traveler of your generation with this fantastic piece! Become wise beyond your years by going back beyond your years!