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Indra is the Vedic guardian of humanity, a spirit of justice, killer of Asuras and demons. He is also the god of thunder and rain and a great warrior, a symbol of courage and strength. He leads the Deva (the gods who form and maintain Heaven) and the elements, such as Agni (Fire), Varuna (Water) and Surya (the Sun), and constantly wages war against the opponents of the gods, the demon-like Asuras. As the god of war, he is also regarded as one of the Guardians of the directions, representing the east.<br /><br />

Indra was the favorite deity of the Vedic Indians. Almost two hundred and fifty hymns are dedicated to him in the Rig Veda, which frequently refers to him as Sakra: the mighty one. In the Vedic period, the number of gods was assumed to be thirty-three and Indra was their lord and the ruler of the heavens.<br /><br /> 

By the age of Vedanta, Indra became the prototype for all lords and a king could be called Manavendra (Indra or lord of men) and Rama, the hero of the Ramayana, was referred to as Raghavendra (Indra of the clan of Raghu).<br /><br />

Indra is also the lord of intoxicants! He drinks soma, the divine drink of the devas, which exhilarates and further empowers him. Indra lives atop Mount Meru, the world axis of Southern Asian cosmology, where he presides over a court attended by other deities, heroes and sages. His hall also serves as an afterlife realm for brave, deceased warriors who, blessed with an eternity lacking fear, pain, and sadness, spend their time gambling, gaming, and watching the Apsaras dance to the sublime music of the Gandharvas.<br /><br />

This amazing talisman has been infused with Indra's energy. With this talisman in your possession, you will live a life of contentment, free from fear, pain and sadness. You will also find yourself shielded from all harm and protected from curses, hexes and any type of evil, including the most powerful of demons. Anyone who does try to harm you will find themselves struck down by the wrath of Indra. He will destroy anyone who tries to injure you. With Indra in your life, you will find yourself blessed with sublime happiness and safety.<br /><br />