Purple Majesty:  Mastering the Crown Chakra
Purple Majesty:  Mastering the Crown Chakra

Purple Majesty: Mastering the Crown Chakra

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Purple Majesty:  Mastering the Crown Chakra<br /><br />

This piece represents the chakra the presides over them all-- the crown chakra.  It is the source of energy that is existent right above the human head and corresponds with the brain.  It is the energy that facilitates the flow of the rest of the energies in the human body.  It is to be used in conjunction with meditation and release of mind, body and spirit.<br /><br /> 

The Crown Chakra is the seat of higher consciousness.  It is the master chakra of the body.  The Crown Chakra correlates with the central nervous system of our body.  Mastering this chakra means master the physicalities of our human body and opening the gateway to spiritual existence.  The color of this chakra is a shade of violet.  It is representative of wisdom and spiritual majesty.  Mastering this chakra means the release of old patterns, effortless manifestations from the spiritual world beyond, kinetic energies to understand others psychically, and a compassionate understanding or knowledge of existence and where we, as human spirits, stand in that system of existence.<br /><br /> 

This piece is made with violet gems that radiate Chakratic energy from the crown Chakra.  Interlinking these gems are ancient Hindu prayers that will fortify your soul and allow you to reach Chakratic nervana easier and with less obstacles.  To use this piece, merely wear it and free your mind.  Allow it to travel to places that you've never been before.  Your soul will be opened wide, and the rays of the light of real life-- not just mere existence-- will be afforded into your soul.  Then, you will reach spiritual excellence and your true spiritual form will be released unto you. <br /><br />

Hand in hand with this are the powers that will be delivered to you.  These are all powers of the mind and include telekinetic energies, psychic energies, the ability to recognize and communicate with other spirits, mediumship, the power of mind control of both yourself and others, and the ability to exist as one whole energy in your environment.  We have tested this piece and we were amazed with its abilities of enlightenment!!   <br /><br />