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The ability to speak to the dead can now be yours! This piece has been given the ability to channel the lost spirits of our realm by an extremely powerful necromancer. His prowess in the magical arts of necromancy were transferred to this piece after he passed. His powers were so great, and his knowledge so vast, that after he passed, he was able to continue his works in the afterlife! His spirit felt the need to pass on his powers as he didn't take an apprentice during life. He channelled his powers into the piece and now its powers are available to those who wish to learn how to communicate with the dead. <br /><br />

To attain the powers of he necromancer from this piece, one must wear the piece and recite these words out loud in any place where the dead are kept. "I am one with spirits of the dead, and I must say what must be said." By saying this line you are communicating to the dead that you wish to speak with them, and that you mean no harm to their immortal souls. Now that you've repeated the line once or twice to be sure you have been heard, simply walk to a grave of your choice, and repeat the line, but after you repeat the line be sure to say the name on the tombstone. Once this has been done, ask in your mind what you would like to know from the spirit you choose, and then remain silent and listen. Their words will enter your mind as if they were whispering in your ear!<br /><br />

You may repeat this as many times as you wish to whatever spirit you desire as long as they have a tombstone and their name can be read aloud. Talk to the dead for hours on end! Gain their knowledge of events of the past and learn about the afterlife from those who would know about it better than any!