Genesis 4:  The Way of Sacrafice

Genesis 4: The Way of Sacrafice

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Genesis 4:  The Way of Sacrafice<br /><br />

If you are Christian, then you know that God is a just God and right God.  If you are a Christian, this piece is for you.  We learn in Genesis 4 that Adam, the original creation of God had two offspring, Cain and Abel.  Both Cain and Abel gave up offerings to the Lord.  Cain gave an offering that was barely good enough.  He raised animals and gave God fat from his calves, not meat.  Abel gave to God, whole-heartedly, the best of his crop. <br /><br />

Long story short, God questioned Cain about his sinful behavior.  Cain got jealous and killed his brother.  God found out and exiled Cain to the Land of Nod.  Just think, had his parents not eaten the forbidden fruit, he wouldn't even have to worry about it.  Well, that's life.<br /><br /> 

This piece has been crafted by the rocks from the field where Abel's blood cried out for the Lord.  These rocks have been pressed and alchemically crafted into the stones that encompass this item.  <br /><br />

This item offers prayers and concessions to the Lord.  It will bring you the blessings of the fruit of field, so to speak.  It will give your spirit to the Lord in the same manner Abel gave his offering, with abundance and gratitude.<br /><br /> 

In return, this piece will bless your life with wealth and success.  Your deepest desire will be manifested unto you, because God's blessing will abide with you.  This piece will shed spiritual light upon you.  This will give a white magic abilities, which include white spells and divination.  God's powers will be revealed to you three fold and you will be an expert practitioner of these powers.<br /><br /> 

This piece has been verified by our staff and offers an abundance of very strong power.  If you are down on your luck, or just need a boost, this is the piece for you!!   <br /><br />