Quest for the Ark: the 8th Law of Noah

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Quest for the Ark:  the 8th Law of Noah<br /><br />

Now everyone sing in unison(!!):  "Who built thee ark?  Noah, Noah!  Who built the ark??  Brother Noah built the ark!!"  Okay, wasn't that fun?  Anyway, the ark that Noah built is the centerpiece of one of the Bible's most cherished stories.  You know the story, two of each animal, the great flood, and all that great stuff. <br /><br />

Keeping this is mind, then, what the heck happened to Noah's ark.  In the Bible  it talks about the ark coming to rest "Upon the Mountains of Ararat (Gen. 8:4).  With that being said, where are the mountains of Ararat? <br /><br />

The name Ararat was given to a volcano that was located in the mountain regions of North Assyria.  Today that would be Armenia.  Later, this name was afforded to a twin-peaked mountain in Turkey near the border of Iran, which comprised ancient Babylon.<br /><br /> 

While solid, concrete-- and let us say scientific-- proof has not been found, you should all know by now that somethings just aren't explicable.  Thus, we are Haunted Curiosities and not Haunted Reasonings. <br /><br />

Let's fast-forward a few thousand years.  Babylonians actually did discover the ark of Noah, but somehow managed to keep the discovery completely covert.  They disassembled the ancient ship, using it's pieces for a variety of Talismans and other momentos.<br /><br /> 

This particular piece that I have comes from an Armenian trader.  Armenia, as noted above, is the place of the original Mount Ararat. Well, it is the home of the one spoken about in the Bible, anyhow.<br /><br /> 

The metal and stones were offered to God as a sacrifice many, many years ago.  It was kept by the Lord and buried under the ground in rememberance to Noah.  However, recently has instructed one of his contemporary prophets to unbury the piece.  When the prophet unburied the piece, he found the piece to be completely transformed and recomposed as the following itme.<br /><br /> 

This piece holds the 8th Law of Noah.  To date, there are only Seven Known Laws of Noah, six of which were given to Adam in the Garden of Eden and passed on to the Children of Israel.  The seventh law, Noah was given in the Revelation at Sinai.  An unknown secret is that Noah actually receive two additional laws, to make the total eight.  Unfortunately the 8th Law, which deals directly with the powers of God, was lost... until, now that is. <br /><br />

This piece houses the 8th Law of Noah.  It will give you spiritual preservation of the Lord.  The same way Noah was given physical salvation, with the task of repopulation of the world, you will be given spiritual salvation.  You will be given a place in the New Jerusalem, God's Holy City that will fall from Heaven in the afterlife.  You will sit with God's host at his right hand and become a great leader of the New Jersalem. <br /><br />

I know this is a miraculous power, but what will this piece give you while you are still in the realm of the living?  Well, for starters it will give you the ability to recieve psychic and spiritual prophecy from the realm of Afterlife, inlcuding the ability to communicate with spirits, saints and angels.  This piece has been filled with the presence of several angels that will act as guardians and lead you in the right direction.  You will gain their abilities of white magic, which are very powerful but do not come along with all the responsibilities of having the exact powers of God.<br /><br />

We have tested this piece and were delighted with the holy white power that was rained down on us from Heaven... kind oflike the dove that descended upon Jesus.  This piece will attract all things white and positive and will allow you to rid your life of negative presences and energies.  If you've been looking for the perfect piece to pinch the negative out and allow you soak up a TON of divination and light, this is it!! <br /><br />