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This piece calls out to any and all who believe they are worthy to grasp its power. It was given to our research team by another collector of rare and unique items. He explained to us that the piece has received its powers from an ancient line of warrior monks. It encompasses their spirit and way of life, and then pushes their knowledge and wisdom onto the wearer. By wearing the piece one feels content with their surroundings, and attains a knowledge and understanding of life and all of its wonders. The piece also grants the wearer the monk's determination and unwavering ability complete almost any task presented to them. <br /><br />

To gain the powers within this piece, one must wear the piece while meditating for a half hour, each day for exactly one week. In order to meditate, one must sit with their legs crossed, eyes closed and mind empty. This may take some practice, as emptying one's mind of all thought it more complicated than it sounds. Try going to a quiet, empty room away from anyone and anything that may cause distraction. Focus on forgetting anything and everything that causes feelings of stress and/or anger. Just relax and let your mind be at ease and after a few attempts at meditation you'll become a master of your own mind. <br /><br />

Now that your meditation skills are improving, just wear the piece and as your mind empties, and the magic of the piece will fill your mind with the knowledge of the monks. After your week of meditating is completed, the spirit of the monk will enter your body, and you'll attain a spiritual singularity with the universe. You'll not only feel ready to take on whatever life throws your way, but you'll have a new found wisdom that will give you an advantage in almost any situation. Just be sure to wear the piece as much as you can after the initial meditating process to stay in tune with its gifts. If you feel out of tune with these powers at any point then simply meditate with the piece again, and the monk spirit should return to your body. <br /><br />

Become a beacon of wisdom and understanding with this piece, and impress the people in your life with your new found spiritual peace! Complete any task with a determination that is rare nowadays! Become a modern day monk with this piece and attain wisdom beyond your years!