Piri Reis Antarctic Race
Piri Reis Antarctic Race
Piri Reis Antarctic Race

Piri Reis Antarctic Race

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Piri Reis Antarctic Race<br /><br />

Piri Reis was a 15th and 16th Century explorer.  He was renowned for his ability at recreating maps that were precise for his era.  He gave clues and hints of North America only years after Columbus officially discovered the Continent.  His recounting of South America was pretty much spot on and he was one of the few early explorers that could give insight into the region now known as Antarctica.  He once constructed a fairly accurate map of the world by merely piecing together other maps drawn by different explorers.<br /><br /> 

One might ask where he received all of his knowledge.  Well, this piece tells it all.  It isn't an original of Piri Reis, but rather, it is a transference of energy that has been stored into a new piece.  This has been done in an attempt to preserve the powers. <br /><br />

This piece gives insight into the most secret exploration of Piri Reis... one that he shared with nobody.  I received this piece from a customer that said that piece was giving her nightmares.  She was a beginner in magic and merely didn't recognize the piece for what it is-- a valuable learning tool of ancient knowledge and enlightenment.<br /><br /> 

When I got this piece I, too, immediately began having psychic connections with it.  It gave me visions of realm made entirely of diamonds, in a civilization stored away well beneath the surface of the Earth.  I seen many beings, that were similar in existence here on Earth, but they were all slightly difference.<br /><br />
The most amazing discovery I've made with this piece is the race of people that exists within the center of our Earth.  They aren't originally from our planet, or universe for that matter.  Rather, they are from a far-away, parallel universe and have traveled here through a what they call a dark star.  We would call it a black hole. <br /><br />

These beings crash landed.  Without any resources to reconstruct their traveling vessel, they used what magical energy they had left to begin their own civilization, hiding from the inhabitants of the Earth, for fear they might exploit them for their powers.<br /><br /> 

I obtained their powers the same way Piri Reis did, only with the use of this piece.  Piri Reis encountered them first hand and was given the ancient powers of who I am referring to as the "Antarctic Race."  These power include elevation of the mind, and the ability to be spiritually connected with your world and environment.  They will align the human Chakratic system and open your third eye, and you know what this means.  This will unleash full psychic communication and ability.  You will also be given knowledge of realms abroad, particularly the home universe that these beings come from. <br /><br />

This is the knowledge the Piri Reis used to gain such insight.  Unfortunately, he had to keep his powers on a limited basis because of an agreement between him and Antarctic Race.  That's how skittish they are about people finding out about them. <br /><br />

The good news is that this piece is a free-form energy without restrictions for you.  We are bound by no terms and, thus, you are free to use all of these powers as you please.  The abilities entailed with this piece are extraordinary.  They are a great example of what exists beyond our realm and the abilities of our mind.  <br /><br />

We have all tested these pieces and found them to be very interesting and exciting.  They are powerful and will change your life forever.  You do not want to pass this one up!! <br /><br />