The Primal Woman of the Nine Heavens
The Primal Woman of the Nine Heavens

The Primal Woman of the Nine Heavens

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The Primal Woman of the Nine Heavens is a Taoist goddess of shamanism, martial arts, warfare, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, and sacred sex. She transmits esoteric knowledge, skills and techniques to the worthy, including various divination techniques, mediumship, and the shamanic art of soul journeying, called star-stepping in Chinese Taoist terminology.<br /><br />

She supplies magical texts, weapons and talismans to devotees she deems worthy.<br /><br />

She has access to the secrets of the universe which she may be persuaded to share.<br /><br /> 

The artifact being offered here today is one of the talisman gems which she gave to ancient China's Yellow Emperor. We had it set into a sterling ring setting to make it more usable.<br /><br />

This talisman will reveal to you the secrets of the universe allowing you to tap into the divine energy that surrounds us. Applying the knowledge and skills the Primal Woman of the Nine Heavens will impart to you will allow you to pursue and achieve your divine calling and most heartfelt desires. You will be able to walk in the spirit world, communicating freely with all who reside there. You will know all, understand all and, with this talisman in your possession, you will have the magical, mystical and shamanic abilities needed to achieve all. You will become irresistible to everyone you meet, exuding charisma and sexual energy.<br /><br />

This is an extremely powerful artifact. It will give you everything you could possibly ever wish for while keeping you safe on your journey through life. There is nothing else like it.<br /><br />