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I know that for some of you this might sound a bit morbid-- but then again we don't call ourselves Haunted Curiosities for nothing.  With that being said, this item is a very, very curious piece.  It's so curious that even I didn't want to test this piece at first.  Deedee convinced me that it would be okay to you use this piece, so I ended up testing it anyhow.  To tell you the truth, I'm very glad that I did.  I can now attest to the enlightenment and power that this piece has to offer.  It is a merging of truths and energies from two different walks of life-- Greek Mythology and Abrahamic Mythology.   <br /><br />

This piece holds the powers of Prometheus, who is the ultimate martyr for mankind.  He was originally a human being who was transformed into a Titan.  Once he became a Titan and ascended Mount Olympus, stole fire, and gave it to mankind.  This, he did, in defiance of Zeus.  It was for a good cause, but according to Zeus, fire was to be an amenity enjoyed only by the Gods.  Well, thank you Prometheus and too bad for you Zeus.  <br /><br />

As a punishment, Zeus tied Prometheus to a rock on Mount Olympus.  An eagle came to eat his liver every single day, peck by peck.  Then, when the eagle was done Prometheus' liver would grow back and an eagle would come from another place and start eating his liver all over again.  This was extremely painful, to say the least.  As a Titan, this would be Prometheus' fate for the rest of... forever.  At first when I found this out, I felt kind of bad.  However, after I received this piece, I didn't really feel bad at all.  <br /><br />

This piece holds a stone that is an original part of Prometheus' liver.  It mixed with compounds in the Earths and this is the result.  It will give you all of the immortal powers of the Titans.  This isn't the only power that this piece offers, though.  Prometheus is also the father of a third generation Titan named Deucalion.  Deucalion is another name for Noah, who was also written about in the Holy Bible, as he was a follower of the God of Abraham.  Thus, this piece will also bring you the white light power of Yahweh, the creator God.<br /><br />

Together, these powers will bring you knowledge of the universe that will open your mind to enlightenment that will allow you to view the world in a different light-- from the vantage point of a God.  You will gain their mystical abilities and the magic that goes along with them.  This piece is powerful and will allow you to explore the magic of both the Greek Gods and the Hebrew Creator God, Yahweh.  This item makes for a good Christmas present or beginner piece for anyone who is interested in supernatural magic.<br /><br />