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Ouroboros<br /><br />

Have you ever wondered where that nagging little voice in the back of your head comes from-- you know, the one that wants everyone to just go the hell away?  Are you under bucket loads of stress from the upper management at work?  Do you go home at night and feel like murdering your neighbor?  I have a piece that  will help you!  It embodies the essence of an ancient Ouroboros and all of the power that goes along with it. <br /><br />

First appearing in ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Norse, and Aztec, the Ouroboros is the idea of oneness or unity.  In Egypt is was depicted as the sun rising and setting, only to rise and set again.  In later years in Egypt, the Ouroboros is depicted yet again, as a tail-eating serpent sporting the words, “All is One.”  In Norse culture the Ouroboros is attributed to Jormungandr, the world encircling serpent.  In Aztec culture it is depicted as the feathered serpent who created the calendar--both the beginning and end of time. This piece is one, yet it is everything.  It signifies, universal oneness while still functioning as a whole.  <br /><br />

To make a long story short, with the essence of the Ouroboros, you experience a sense of heightened spirituality.  This will encourage the integration of all aspects of the self to act as one, enhancing your chances of ridding yourself of mental conditions such as anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, ADD, OCD, and others.  This piece will elevate your soul, allowing it to embrace the negative and the positive, collaborating all efforts for the betterment of individual existence.  It will greatly enhance your concepts of self-sufficiency and heightens your sense of perfection.  Additionally, this piece will act as a preventative measure if you do not experience any of these problems, but you are prone to such conditions.    <br /><br />