Los Santeros
Los Santeros

Los Santeros

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Los Santeros<br /><br />

These pieces are offered to you via our Beast from the Middle East, Emir.  It took Emir a swath of blood, sweat, and tears to get this one; but, what can I say?  Our folks are determined to supply you guys with the best of the best and the top of the line.  That’s what the pieces above represent-- top of the line magic.  The magic we have in the pieces above is a magic so brilliant and so powerful that all you have to do is believe it exists to feel its effects; however, we have pieces!!  These pieces are a direct link between whomever owns them and an original, old-school Santera.  What’s a Santera?  For those of you who don’t know, please allow me to explain.<br /><br /> 

Los Santeros are the equivalent of ordained high priests in Roman Catholicism, with the exception being is that they are much, much more powerful.  Santeria-- this religion, if you will-- stems from the Yoruba people of Africa that occupy, and have occupied, what would now be present day Nigeria.  The religion spread, extending its belief to much of the Caribbean Islands including Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica, as a result of slave trade.  <br /><br />

The religion eventually began to travel to the Unites States, as well.  The slave, being forced to adopt their master’s religion, quickly converted to Roman Catholicism, incorporating aspects of their religion into Roman Catholicism, allowing God, the saints, and patriarchs to represent their God and sub-deities.  Eventually, it changed the whole face of the religion, even in Africa, where many slaves were being forced to convert to Catholicism as well.  My point in all this?  These are some powerful people.  Not only do they have their original old-world power working in their favor, but now they are able to conjure the power of Roman Catholic holy beings as well.<br /><br />

The piece that you will receive is an authentic piece from and old-school Santero from Nigeria.  Emir tracked down the Santero and asked for his blessings.  Several hours later, and after several grueling spiritual transformation ceremonies, Emir was deemed fit by the Santeros judgment.  At this point, he was given these items.  They each hold an Orisha, or Santerian sub-deity.  The Orishas are sent by God to assist people with their day to day lives.  Now we are making this Orishas available to you.  <br /><br />

Your Orisha will come to you, giving you all the powers of Santeria, which is probably one of the most spiritually powerful religions I have personally ever encountered.  You will be able to communicate openly with the saints and God, as this is necessary to obtain the highest level of spirituality and honor possible.  Next, you be given the ability to perform white Santeria magic.  It is against their law to practice black magic.  Anyway, with this magic you will be able to fix anything from love to finances, to literary success, or, really, whatever you have in mind and want.  Your Orisha works like a guardian angel and you call upon it and summon its powers to work on your behalf, which always end up working nicely.  Additionally, the magic of the Orisha will allow you to look into your own future to see if you are making the correct decisions so you can modify your behaviors accordingly.  One last thing, your Orisha will automatically intercept bad spells and evil energies cast in your direction and  reverse three fold on whoever threw it at you.  In this way, your Orisha acts as a spiritual body guard, as well.  These pieces are VERY powerful and they WILL work. I’ve used one on several occasions already,and let me tell you.... I am extremely please with the results.  I know you will be too.