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The Land Down Under<br /><br />

These come from a friend, Johnathan, while on vacation; however, paranormality isn’t something that typically waits around for you to be off vacation.  I phoned my friend once I landed in Sydney to see if he was interested in getting together.  Was he ever.  He couldn’t wait to share with me his latest discovery.  This discovery is also withheld in the pieces that you see above, so that way you can share in his investment.  While I was in Sydney, we set up a makeshift headquarters.  Using these headquarters I was able to determine exactly what was going on here.<br /><br /> 

Johnathan had obtained this piece from an aboriginal shaman under the pretense that the piece would help him obtain a higher spirituality, thus sending him to far off realms and on epic spirit journeys.  This is not the type of spiritual elevation the shaman was talking about.  Johnathan was a bit disappointed, but that was only until I found out what it was that this piece does exactly. <br /><br />

These pieces actually embody the power of an ancient Aboriginal magic.  The magic set forth by the solar goddess, Wala.   With Wala’s magic you will be able to channel cosmic energy.  With this energy you will be able to receive an ancient, holy divination by the Aboriginal spirits.  What these spirits will do, is come to you, provide you with spiritual cleansing and rebirthing.  This will rid your soul of any spiritual pollution and imperfections.  This will align your body’s chakras in an order that will activate  your inner psionic core and your “third eye.”  It will skyrocket your psychic abilities giving you chance to communicate with, and receive spiritual essences.  In this way, spiritual magic will be passed down to you.  This piece will also allow the ability of psychometry.  With this ability you will be able to develop a psychic connection with whatever you touch, if you choose to.  When you touch the object, will you see the past, analyze the present, and see visions of the future.   You will receive a divine intuition, giving you the guidance that you need to make the correct decisions one hundred percent of time.  <br /><br />

We were able to channel the energy from Johnathan’s piece into the orbs that you see below.  When you decide to take advantage of this down-under powerhouse, you will receive one of the magical orbs you see below; but act now so you don’t miss your chance.