The Grand Kiva in the Sky

The Grand Kiva in the Sky

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The Grand Kiva in the Sky<br /><br />

About six years ago we were on an investigation in Arizona, investigating lights in the sky.   The claim turned out to be bogus; an elaborate hoax planned out by a bunch of creative, drunk hillbillies and a Mexican.  As we had spent over a thousand dollars on  airfare for our entire crew and mess of equipment, we were pretty upset.  However, the agony of defeat soon turned into the thrill of victory.  <br /><br />

We were on our way home, driving in the pitch black on an eerie mountain road, when DeeDee insisted that I pull over.  I pulled over and she got out, staring into the pitch black as if she was trying to focus her vision on something that she couldn't quite see in the distance.  Immediately I knew that she was having a vision, so I asked her what was going on.  She simply pointed and started off into the woods.  <br /><br />

So here we are, our whole entourage of vehicles, hazard lights lighting up the Arizona sky like bulbs on a Christmas tree, throwing eerie shadows over the whole landscape, and DeeDee decides that she was to take off into the woods.  What do the rest of us do?  Follow her, of course.  We followed DeeDee along a trail that twisted, turned, cut and swooped into the woods.  The sad part is, we had absolutely no idea where the hell we were or if we were going to get out alive, but the suspense and energy in the atmosphere kept us moving forward into the immensity of the vast Arizona sky.  Our only light was the moon, when it wasn't covered by the accumulating clouds, and the stars overhead, but we kept on.  <br /><br />

About a half mile into the woods, DeeDee stops points to the ground and says, "Okay."  There, on the ground, was a crevice about two yards wide and four yards long, cut into the ground, hidden by the overgrowth the bushes and few small saplings that had just recently rooted.  DeeDee informed us, with a crazed look in her eye, that this is where we were going to be doing our next investigation.  <br /><br />

After  nearly half an hour of debate, during which some of the crew, myself for name's sake, needed some heavy hitting persuasion, DeeDee got as all to climb into the crevice, gaining us entrance to an original, Archaic, Hopi Kiva.  Now, I must say that judging by the opening in the ground, I was terrified go anywhere near the it, as I am extremely claustrophobic.  My opinion shifted, however, after we climbed through the crevice and found ourselves standing in a passageway that was 12 feet wide and 10 feet high.  <br /><br />

We crept through passageway with little sense of direction, other than DeeDee's quirky telepathic hold on the place.  The passageway descended deeper and deeper, closer and closer to the core of the Earth.  Then, without warning, the passageway led into a grand, majestic chamber, the size of a small mausoleum.  The place was ornate with gold and with turquoise, a favorite sacrificial element of the Hopi ancients.  There were a set of ancient writings, set into baked adobe tablets, that were inscriptions giving directions on how to gain admittance into the Grand Kiva in the sky. <br /><br />

No physical form is allowed entrance into the Grand Kiva, so basically what the tables set forth was instructions on how to replicate the ceremonious spirit journeys-- the very same way the Hopi ancients were able to first discover and gain entry into the realms of the Grand Kiva.  Following the inscriptions baked on the tablets, to the tee, we were able to project our spiritual essences onto the astral plain and travel to the Grand Kiva in the sky.  The structure itself was immense-- bigger than anything I have ever personally laid my eyes on.  There were no guardians at the gate, as there didn’t have to be.  In the realm of the Grand Kiva, negativity does not exist, eliminating evil and malicious intent. The realm of the Kiva is founded on the hopes, dreams, and wishes of the Hopi nation, enhanced by the spirits of the Hopi seraphs, who bestow divine wisdom and intellect upon the Hopi people. <br /><br />

We traveled through the twisting, winding passageways of the Grand Kiva until, arriving in the chamber of the high priestess, whose spirit is infused within this item.  We asked her for her divine providence, so she bestowed upon us the qualities necessary to be Hopi spiritualist.  We were able to transpose the powers she gave to use, and now you can possess the powers of the Hopi high priestess, as well.  This is an enlightenment piece and will work for either male or female, so give it a try!<br /><br />

Once you own the piece, you should wear it around your neck, letting it rest against your chest.  While you sleep, the powers of the high priestess will begin to envelop your soul.  After your soul is complete melded with the powers of the Hopi spirits, you begin to undergo changes.  You will gain a heavy ESP, being to communicate with the spirit.  You will be given the authority to summon spirits  to work on your behalf and to acquire their power.  You will be seen as a God in the realm of the Hopi spirits, and will be given the ability of ancient Hopi ritualistic magic, which is a dual type of magic used for survival and enchantment.  Having this piece will guarantee your spot in the Grand Kiva, which really is the fifth world that succeeds that one that we’re already in.  You will also receive the gift of astral projection, giving you the ability to visit the Grand Kiva.  Finally this item will provide you divine enlightenment, giving you all the secrets and meanings of life.  This piece is very powerful, and you should be cautious about how you use it --- It comes equipped with a spiritual protection enchantment, but it never hurts to be safe.    <br /><br />