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Are you the hunter, or the victim?<br /><br />

A forty five-year-old man named Roger Wheller went out into the woods expecting nothing more than a great day of hunting. He spotted a bull elk along with three females, Wheller took aim at the bull and fired. After pulling the trigger Roger realized that the bullet only traveled about 50 feet before it abruptly fell to the ground. He went to retrieve it, only to find that in the shadows of the trees there was a man like figure standing. The being had human features, but was not a normal man. Roger was a little uneasy about the encounter, but when the humanoid figure put out his hand and guesstured for Roger to follow, he did.<br /><br />

The creautre said his name was Peirto and before he knew it, Roger was sitting next to Peirto inside a transparent cubicle; behind them in a cage were all 4 elk! The cube vessel took off and Roger says that he observed the Earth receding in the distance. Then almost immediately they landed on a dark surface, which Roger assumes was Peirto's planet.  Roger found himself standing near a huge tower that flashed a brilliantly, bright light into the gray, foggy air. <br /><br />

Not far away, several human beings stood talking, totally oblivious to Roger's arrival. Roger said that there was little time to observe the scene because he was whisked off to an examination room that was located within the tower. There Peirto passed a large shield with moving components over Roger's body and told him that he was "not good for what we need." Roger believes that he was rejected because he had had a vasectomy and so could not be used for breeding. Returing to the traveling cube, Roger was soon back in the forest, two hours after he had fired his gun!<br /><br />

He quickly gathered himself and got out of the woods. The whole car ride home he kept questioing himself about his memories. Did he dose off and have a dream? Could it really have happened? He then got home and started to take off his hunting attire and found that he had a necklace around his neck. The pendant resembled the moving components of the shield --- he feels as if this was marking him so he wouldn't be picked up again.<br /><br />

We received this item from Roger who wanted to vanish the piece out of his life so he wouldn't have a constant reminder of the encounter. After working with the piece we realized that it is a link to Peirto. The humaniod being comes forth to the person who bonds with this piece and will bring you knowledge and power of his planet. You will be utilized as a factor of another kind --- you can visit the land whenever you would like, but if you wear this piece they will not bother you because the energy from it will make them think that you were rejected as a test subject!<br /><br />

Peirto retains so many people that he doesn't remember faces -- so by having the energy of the emblem you will be safe from danger. Travel, learn and gain power with this out of the world piece!<br /><br />