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Walking in a Ouija Wonderland:  Manifesting Baal<br /><br />
This is a one of a kind piece or more so rare and we were very lucky to come across this. The below description tells you of how we got it but that was a long time ago. We put it away but then got the Popes ring,the hidden Satanist. This is the ring that the Queen wanted but it was refused her. The buyer who paid 100,000.00 for it used it and can't handle it so we will be placing ot back on. But it was because of this Pope's ring and his stalking wolf that we know what we have here. Pure evil,pure dark power that we have never offered before. We hope that right person gets this.<br /><br /> 
Okay, so I have to say that contrary to the title of this description, this piece isn't really that wonderful.  I mean, if you are into the dark arts and black magic then this piece is definitely an amazing piece for you.  If you like the more mellow, white version of magic, this piece may not the perfect fit for you.<br /><br /> 

This piece was sent to me by one of my customers, who accidentally made the piece during a session with a Ouija Board.  The customer wasn't really sure what they were doing, when they opened up the Ouija Board portal on Christmas to try to draw in a Christmas Angel. <br /><br />

As we all know, demons may take the form of anything they want in order to gain a human victim and host.  This is the unfortunate case of the my customer who became the hapless victim of a demon who was determined to make his life living Hell.  <br /><br />

He was convinced to use the Ouija Board by one of his friends that claimed to be a professional oracle.  Obviously, he wasn't as professional as what he claimed to be, because the entity that he pulled through was no Christmas Angel.  Instead, he pulled through a demon in disguise.  Meanwhile, my customer has no idea what's going on because he has never used a Ouija Board in his life.<br /><br /> 

Essentially, what the medium accomplished wa opening the board, pulling in a demon, and cursing my customers home.  The medium didn't close the board the right way, either.  It gets better (or worse), though.  The demon that was pulled through wasn't just your normal rank and file demon.  Oh no... it was Baal, King of Hell. <br /><br />

Baal is one of the worst demons to have ever existed.  He is one of the presiding kings of Hell.  He rules at the right hand of Satan and is the general of sixty-six legions of lesser demons.  He is one of the darkest
and most dangerous entities to have been conceived.  His ability and and satanic powers make him, generally speaking, one of humanity's biggest nightmares.  <br /><br />

This is the entity that my customer ended up with. I immediately traveled to were he was at.  Using a very high power white item that I keep for personal use, I performed a residential exorcism.  During the process I channeled the powers of Baal into a separate piece.  Baal returned to where he was supposed to be-- the pits of Hell.  I was unsuccessful in vanquishing Baal completely.  I tried to, but like I said, he is one of the most powerful Satanic forces to exist.  <br /><br />

After the ritual, I closed the Ouija Board and burned it.  My customer eventualy did receive his Christmas Angel.  It came down from Heaven in a beam of light that was sent directly to him from the angels after I relegated Baal back the pits of Hell.<br /><br />

Meanwhile, I have been working with this piece.  I have fully manifested the dark energies and powers that have come forth from Baal, King of Hell who rules from the right hand of Satan-- similar to the way Jesus rules as the right hand of God.  Baal is by no means a savior, but he has been conceived from the mose energetic, dark forces from the pits of hell to manifest the dark destiny of Satan and his anti-Christ.  This piece holds the powers of Baal and the sixty-six dark crafts that is the legion he rules over.<br /><br /> 

This piece is very powerful.  I have performed a white ceremony that has prevented him from taking over your body and pulling you to Hell and added it to the piece.  Other than that, this is the rawest, purest form of dark magic that I have encountered in a long, long time.  It will take a practioner of only the strongest kind to behold these powers.  It is available now.<br /><br />  
Please note that this is a very hard core piece,a hidden agenda and one that cantrol the higher powers. This is sterling silver.