Ma Gu (The Hemp Princess)
Ma Gu (The Hemp Princess)
Ma Gu (The Hemp Princess)

Ma Gu (The Hemp Princess)

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Ma Gu looks like a teenager, but she’s an Immortal.  Legend says this fifth-century Taoist shaman and alchemist was so adept she could walk on water in her shoes. Her husband murdered her, dumping her body in a lake. Her primary temple stands where her body washed ashore. Ma Gu still walks over the surface of the lake; many claim to see her, especially at the beginning and end of each lunar month. <br /><br />

After she died, Ma Gu ascended to the celestial zone where she attained Fairy status and became Hsi Wang Mu’s handmaiden. As divine waitress, she serves the peaches of immortality to the Jade Emperor and the Heavenly Court. Ma Gu is venerated throughout China. Her devotees and shrines suffered terrible persecution during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). <br /><br />

Her own life cut short by murder, Ma Gu abhors violence. Bloodshed is strictly tabooed in her sacred temple precinct: fishing and hunting are banned by order of Ma Gu, who personally enforces the prohibition. Allegedly, violators drown in her lake or become hopelessly lost. <br /><br />


  • Ma Gu is a goddess of good health and longevity. <br /><br />
  • She presides over spiritually powerful, intoxicating substances. <br /><br />
  • She protects women, who may call on her if they feel endangered. <br /><br />


Ma Gu’s favored people are women, shamans, alchemists, and mystic seekers. <br /><br />

She resembles a beautiful eighteen-year-old dressed in a shimmery, iridescent gown. She wears her hair in a bun, but several strands inevitably loosen and fall to her waist. Her fingernails resemble long bird talons. <br /><br />

 The standard image of Ma Gu portrays her bestowing peaches of immortality and/or a mystic elixir, which may be wine or an alchemical potion brewed from mushrooms or cannabis. This image is considered an auspicious birthday gift symbolic of good health, longevity, and immortality. <br /><br />

If you are in any kind of trouble, if you need protection of any kind, this talisman, to which the spirit of Ma Gu has been bound, will ensure that you are kept safe from harm. She will render your enemies powerless and will lift you above your troubles. Sickness will be eradicated, depression and mental ailments of all kinds will be eliminated. Suffering will be a thing of the past. Happiness, love, joy, good health, and a long and abundant life will be yours. <br /><br />