Earth Treasure --Womb of the Earth

Earth Treasure --Womb of the Earth

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The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha arrived in Japan with Buddhism in the eighth century but became exceedingly popular in the tenth. At some point, the female Ksitigarbha transformed into the male Jizo and began manifesting very differently. Jizo is no remote Bodhisattva but a beloved spirit of folk religion, guardian of the population at large. Although scholars and devout traditional Buddhists consider Jizo just a local name for Ksitigarbha, this is not necessarily a connection recognized by all devotees. Many assume that Jizo is an indigenous Japanese Kami. <br /><br />

Jizo is the guardian of dead souls and the special protector of children. He may be petitioned for fertility and spiritual, emotional or physical healing. He protects against all forces of evil, regardless of origin. Jizo is a font of mercy and compassion but Jizo lacks fear. Invoke him against your worst nightmare; Jizo will not be cowed in the least. <br /><br />

Jizo’s unique sacred function is to save souls of children from the less pleasant aspects of the Afterlife. Jizo patrols the gateways to the Realms of Death, keeping his eye peeled for any babies or children. When he spies them, he quickly slips them into his long sleeves in order to hide them from demons out trawling for souls. Jizo is also invoked to protect living children, guarding against all dangers and healing any illness. <br /><br />

Jizo also protects against fire; locates lost valuables and may be invoked to interpret dreams and omens. <br /><br />

Jizo favors everyone, living or dead but especially children and babies; pregnant women; fire fighters; fortune tellers; mediums; travelers and pilgrims. <br /><br />

Jizo appears in different forms in his quest to alleviate suffering but most frequently as a monk. Jizo is usually but not always male. Jizo may also manifest in the form of a cat. <br /><br />

If you wish to make an offering to Jizo, do so in the form of incense, rice, tea, water, stones, good deeds, charitable acts, or baby bonnets. <br /><br />

This amazing artifact can be used to invoke the spirit of Jizo. If you believe that you are being attacked by evil forces, Jizo will vanquish them for you. If you are suffering in any way – whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, or in your relationships – Jizo will provide the healing that you need. No harm can come to you while Jizo is in your life to protect you. You will find yourself suddenly showered with divine blessings. Your career will take off, relationships will flourish, your finances will be increased many times over, your health will be restored to you.  Jizo will ensure that you live a glorious, joy-filled life. <br /><br />