An Original DARPA Time-Space Travel Piece

An Original DARPA Time-Space Travel Piece

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DARPA Time Piece <br /><br />


Let me just start by saying that this piece is a very valuable piece.  It is a heavy sterling silver chain.  It's very decorative.  The piece is hand-crafted and is made with beautiful, spot-on craftsmanship.  The item on the chain is a compass.  It is big, but not gaudy.  I would say that it is more crafted for a man, but can definitely be used by a woman as well.  <br /><br />

The piece tells secrets that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been covering up for the past several years.  The piece was not meant to be leaked to the public and has been cleverly disguised as this item.  It is a very powerful piece that holds energy fields that have been deposited there that are the results of DARPA's experimentation.  Even NASA, who has embarked on this journey with DARPA, refuses to release information about the project. <br /><br /> 

The piece has been scientifically engineered and holds several different quantum strings.  These strings correspond with the directions North, South, East, and West.  A few years back, researchers proved that with the use of Quantum Strings, time-travel is possible.  The same research proved, on a limited basis, that dual existence is possible, and so is traveling between two realms of existence.<br /><br /> 

This piece holds the powers and energies that were extracted from a space anomaly that was found near one of Jupiter's moons.  The energy from the space anomaly provided for fast-forwarded quantum mechanics.  This pretty much unravelled the mysteries surrounding quantum fields and how to navigate and circumnavigate the very essence of time and existence that exists on the space-time continuum.  Somewhere out in space  1+1 no longer equals 2.  It may equal three of four, especially with the developed energies of DARPA.<br /><br /> 

This piece will allow you to fully understand the basis for existence-- not the way perceive with our imperfect human minds, but rather for what it really is.  You will be able to travel to different dimensions that exist parallel to ours.  You can use the Quantum Strings to enter the Holographic Universe, where you can use the String that coincides with each direction to travel to whichever dimension you choose. <br /><br />

There are an infinite number of dimensions, as there are an infinite number of directions in space, not merely north, south, east, and west.  In the Holographic Universe, your four strings will multiply exponentially allowing you experience all of the pockets and unknowns that existence has to offer. <br /><br />

Additionally, this piece will allow you control time.  Time is merely an effect of existence, for which there numerous directions in our universe.  For instance, black holes are merely a bend in time that wraps around itself.  The possibilities with this piece are endless.  This piece will allow you to embark upon many journeys in the Holographic Universe.  It also provides you with a shield of protection that will prevent you from being eaten up by any creatures or space lapses that you may encounter in your travels.  It was one of the energies that was emitted from the anomaly.  <br /><br />

This piece is perfect for the sci-fi aficionado and the person who has been waiting for the biggest adventure of their lifetime.  I would suggest taking advantage of this most incredible piece before the next person comes along.  Then, there no telling what could have happened!!<br /><br />


We used this piece to travel to many dimensions where we were able to open up our minds and see many worlds.   One world consisted of our lives, from the time we were born.  Another world consisted of our alternate realities-- what would have happened if we would have made different decisions with our lives.  We saw the World of Influences, which is the realm well all the influence you've ever held over other people is kept and those people interact with one another base on your interactions with them.  We used to piece to go on one especially interesting journy into the Realm of Dreams.  Here, we encountered a Hall of Records containing all the dreams we've ever had and their meanings.   It also gave us the ability to see into and enter others dreams.  We alter the course of several future events while we were there!!  Our experiences are a mere testament of how amazing and diverse these powers are!!  <br /><br />