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Juno is the Queen of the Roman region. She is an ancient spirit who preceded the Romans in the area; they may have received her from the Etruscans or one of the Italian tribes. In her earliest incarnation, Juno was the Spirit of Time, in charge of organizing the orderly division of time. In this capacity, she rules the menstrual cycle, the earliest calendar. Matron and protector of women, Juno is involved in every stage of female life, from first breath to the last. Her particular concerns are marriage and fertility. Juno epitomizes womanpower, whatever the female equivalent of virility would be called. <br /><br />

Women were expected to honor Juno each year on the occasion of their birthdays. According to Roman tradition, during the week following a birth, a table laden with offerings honoring Juno was kept in the new child’s home. <br /><br />

Juno can heal any illness but is specifically associated with those considered “women’s illnesses” or anything to do with the specifically female parts of the body: breasts, reproductive organs. She bestows fertility or can help you to get pregnant, if that is your desire. She oversees romance, marriage and menopause and has the power to fulfill any request made by a devotee. <br /><br />

Juno has become identified with Greek Hera, as if Juno is merely another nation’s name for Hera. Myths of Zeus and Hera are recounted with the names of Jupiter and Juno substituted. Hera and Juno do have many similarities and common concerns. However, they are not the same; their natures are quite different. Juno is not an abused, jealous wife. Juno is calm, regal, serene, and usually a very reasonable spirit. She is not as volatile as Hera. <br /><br />

Traditional offerings to Juno, made on the first day of each month, include flowers, peacock feathers, Italian wine and mineral water, coins, a flock of toy geese, and cooked lamb or beef. <br /><br />

If you are a woman seeking romance, love, a fulfilling relationship and/or a family, Juno will provide for you. Her energy is attached to this beautiful artifact that was first purchased in Greece and then brought to North America by a collector of deified talismans. The possessor of this talisman will find that they soon become irresistible to members of both sexes. They will be endowed with overwhelming sexual attractiveness, beauty, charisma and charm. They will have their choice of lovers and will also be able to pick whatever type of life they wish to live. They can become the paramour of countless lovers or a happy, contented wife and mother. <br /><br />

And Juno will not only serve to bring the possessor of this talisman the love and relationships which they seek. She will also guarantee success in all other areas of their life, whether these be related to health, business, wealth, fame, fortune, protection… anything. Juno will respond to every need, grant every request. <br /><br />

Nothing is beyond Juno’s power. And there is nothing that she won’t willingly do for the person fortunate enough to have this talisman in their life. <br /><br />