KTRT (The Swallow-Like Daughters of the Crescent Moon)

KTRT (The Swallow-Like Daughters of the Crescent Moon)

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Semitic languages traditionally have no written vowels and so only the consonants of these sister goddesses survive: KTRT. Among the suggested pronunciations of their names are Katirat, Kotarot and Kotharat; however these are all guesses. Their name derives from a root word indicating skill or wisdom. <br /><br />

The KTRT are goddesses of sexual delight, conception and childbirth. They are seven in number. In the Ugaritic myth, the Epic of Aqhat, when a child is desired, the KTRT are feasted for seven days. By the time they depart on the seventh day, pregnancy has been achieved. In the mythic epic poem, “Nikkal and the Kathirat”, the seven sisters are summoned to provide what is necessary for the wedding and are requested for their blessings. The KTRT are reminiscent of the Seven Hathors. <br /><br />

If you wish to enhance your sexuality and make yourself irresistible to everyone you meet, then this talisman, infused with the energy of the seven sisters who comprise the KTRT, will grant your wish.  Men and women will be rendered powerless around you. They will want only to love, cherish and adore you. Any relationship which you wish to have, will be yours for the taking. <br /><br />

And the power that the KTRT grant you will not only be confided to romantic love. If you are looking for marital bliss, you will find it with this talisman. If you are looking to build strong, positive relationship in the workplace, the KTRT will see to it that this happens. If you are in search of meaningful friendships, they will be yours. <br /><br />

Once the KTRT enter your life, everyone will be on your side, everyone will want to bring you happiness. You will have no enemies.  Your life will overflow with love and happiness. <br /><br />