Captain of the Lord’s House, the Prince of the Heavenly Host

Captain of the Lord’s House, the Prince of the Heavenly Host

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If there was ever an angelic popularity contest, it’s likely that the Archangel Michael would win. Michael is beloved by Pagans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the unaffiliated. His names means “who is like the Lord.” <br /><br />

Michael is head of the Lord’s Army. He crushed the Rebel Angels. Legend has it that if Lucifer could only have persuaded Michael to join him, Heaven would have been overthrown. <br /><br />

Michael is the angel of righteousness – he does what is right. He cannot be bribed. He is allegedly among the few angels who know the Ineffable Name of Power. <br /><br />

Michael is invoked for protection from anything that frightens you. If you are worried about the safety of loved ones, Michael may be petitioned on their behalf. He accepts petitions from one person on behalf of another. He is the archangel of justice and may be invoked to provide justice for crimes committed against you. He is the special protector of victims of rape and may be invoked for protection against sexual abuse. <br /><br />

An old verbal charm invokes Michael’s vigilant protection: <br /><br />


Michael to the right of me, <br /><br />

Michael to the left of me, <br /><br />

Michael above me, <br /><br />

Michael below me, <br /><br />

Michael within me, <br /><br />

Michael all around me, <br /><br />

Michael, with your flaming sword<br /><br />

Of cobalt blue, please protect me. <br /><br />


This charm’s power is enhanced by simultaneously visualizing being surrounded by cobalt blue flames emanating from Michael’s sword. Further appeals may be added at the end of the charm. (For example, Michael, please protect my child, my true love, etc. Be as specific as possible. Name and visualize your desire.) <br /><br />

Michael has dominion over fire magic and candle spells. He is the angel of fire safety, also invoked for safety at sea. He is the patron of those suffering from sea sickness or motion sickness. Moroccan folklore suggests that precipitation (rain, snow, hail) falls from a celestial reservoir or sea. Michael presides over this sea. Precipitation only occurs according to his command. <br /><br />

Michael serves as a psychopomp, escorting dead souls to the next realm and guarding them on their journey. Russian folklore envisions him as a ferryman bringing good souls toward Paradise’s radiant light. Michael guards the gates of Paradise. At the Final Judgment, he will weigh the souls of the dead. <br /><br />

Michael is the Angel of Insomnia, which he both heals and causes. According to Jewish legend, the reason King Ahasueros couldn’t sleep in the Queen Esther story is because the Creator sent Michael to afflict him with sleeplessness. <br /><br />

As humanity’s defender, Michael is everyone’s guardian. <br /><br />

Michael takes many forms ranging from a classical winged angel to a being of brilliant, blinding light to a head of garlic. Garlic contains his essence and is thus more than just a protective mulet; it is an actual manifestation of Michael. <br /><br />

Traditional offerings to Michael include frankincense, myrrh, angelica, and garlic. In Sicily, he is given sugar and sweet liqueurs. <br /><br />

This beautiful ring will allow you to connect with the Archangel Michael. <br /><br />

Michael will not only protect you from all harm, he will shower you with divine blessings. With Michael in your life, you will learn to love yourself and to have the courage of your convictions. You will discover and achieve your destiny, finding happiness and success in all that you attempt. Your relationships will improve dramatically, you will find yourself with a career that makes your heart sing, you will experience happiness, love, joy, wealth and good fortune beyond imagining. <br /><br />

Michael will ensure that you have all that you need to live your life passionately and to the fullest. Michael promises you Heaven here on Earth. <br /><br />

Michael is very easygoing so, once you have this talisman in your possession, you won’t have to do anything special to call upon him other than to ask for his help. Michael usually has a sword that he uses to cut through any resistance so you can write your request on a piece of paper. Then imagine his sword and tear the letter into small pieces, knowing he has heard your prayer. You can burn the pieces or throw them away. <br /><br />


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