Gazardiel's Risen Timepiece
Gazardiel's Risen Timepiece

Gazardiel's Risen Timepiece

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Gazariel is the angel of the east and is often called “the illuminated one.” In some Jewish legends, he is responsible for the rising and setting of the sun. He embodies innocence, renewal, and enlightenment. Gazardiel brings illumination and new beginnings to anyone who asks. He often announces his presence with a shaft of beautiful light. The colors most often associated with Gazardiel are those of a fabulous sunrise: buttery yellow, orange, various hues of pink, and purple. When you call upon Gazardiel, your prayers will be carried directly to God. <br /><br />

I am sure you don’t doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow. You can be equally sure of Gazardiel’s help. <br /><br />

This priceless pocket watch has been imbued with Gazardiel’s healing energy. Call upon him if you want a new beginning in life or need to be released from a harmful addiction. <br /><br />

Gazardiel will deepen your understanding of any issues with which you might be struggling, helping you to deal with them and overcome them successfully. <br /><br />

He will help you to find a new love and create a wonderful, happy home or to launch a new career and be granted a well-deserved pay raise. <br /><br />

Gazardiel will release you from past difficulties that may be keeping you trapped in a less than perfect existence, and will provide you with all that you need to live a wonderful future filled with love, joy, good health, success, wealth and unlimited heavenly blessings. <br /><br />

The ideal place to invoke Gazardiel once you have brought him into your life is somewhere that you can clearly see the sunrise. Face the sun and as the first rays of light strike your face, ask for his assistance. If you can’t see the sun, then just face toward the east. Clearly state your problem and ask for Gazardiel to illuminate your way. His support is always gentle and loving yet very powerful. The clarity he imparts is amazing. <br /><br />


 *This is an amazing piece that houses a center brillant stone, which we believe is a genuine diamond.