The Streets That Bleed

The Streets That Bleed

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The Streets That Bleed<br /><br />

If you keep an eye on international news, then you will know what I am about to discuss.  On January 25 the streets of Poland began oozing blood.  In the small town of Koscierzyna, during a rainstorm, blood began backing up out of man holes and storm drains.  The water quickly made a river of blood that flowed down at least one street in the center of the town.<br /><br /> 

Citizens were horrified and officials were called to the the scene.  They investigated the blood and were quick to deny the rumors of murders or some type of paranormal activity.  Rather, officials were quick to place the blame on a meat packaging company, claiming that the cause of the "bleeding streets" was a drain blockage.<br /><br /> 

Ummm, hello people... wake up and smell the blood!!  I'm not saying that a drain blockage isn't possible; but a drain blockage that stinks up the whole town of blood??  Now, I don't care what the Polish government tells anybody.  They are liars!  They may release reports that say they have tested the blood and that it is from chicken or cows, or pigs.  The truth that remains is that they are intelligence cover-ups. <br /><br />

The blood that seeped into the streets in Poland was blood from a vampire feeding chamber that was built and is hidden within the water and sewer system in Poland.  It housese the vampire royal bloodline that is the offspring of the Polish Monarchy and a breed of dark-source vampires that are older than the Egyptian pyramids.<br /><br /> 

The vampires are milennia old, with powers to walk among different portals and realms.  They have the ability to create portals and powers.  They do not need to feed on human blood but every 233 years.  This is their feeding year and they were given blood from the meat packaging plant that was purchased by the government.  The government then blamed the meat company to cover up the fact that there are still vampiric bloodline in existence.<br /><br /> 

One of my correspondents lives in Southern Poland and traveled immediately to the town that was bleeding when he found out about what was going on.  He stuck around until the blood rivers rescinded.  During his investigation he found a few pieces and sent this one to me.  This pieces is a product of the blood river.  It mixed with a natural stone on the ground in Poland and the result was a transformation that created this piece. <br /><br />

This piece holds the presence of an original dark vampire from the Polish Royal bloodline.  It is a halfbreed vampire that will give you all the benefits of being a mortal being, with a prolonged and supernatural life with the benefits of having full sanguine vampire powers.  You will receive psychic ability, and the ability to charm which is basically mind control.  You will gain a dark magic that will rival any and will allow you to enter the realm of the vampire you are receiving.  <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and should be treated as such.  I tested this piece personally, and I will concur that this piece is an exceptional vampire piece!!<br /><br />