The Soul Star Chakra; Opalescence Soul Beads

The Soul Star Chakra; Opalescence Soul Beads

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The Soul Star Chakra; Opalescence Soul Beads<br /><br />

The soul star chakra is a the chakra that not many people agree exist.  The fact of the matter is that it does exist.  It exists above the crown chakra, which most people think is the most powerful chakra, four or five fingers above the head.  The reason people revere the crown chakra as the ultimate powers is because they do not know about the existence of the soul star chakra.  People who have experienced this awakening will tell you that it is, by far, more powerful than the crown chakra. <br /><br />

I have a string of opalescence soul beads.  When you meditate with these, it opens up the soul star chakra.  The soul chakra is actually a crossover point between your physical body and your spiritual essence.  Activating this chakra will bring out your true soul form.  It will bring out all of your talents, including powers that have been embedded in your being, but have thus far lied dormant.<br /><br /> 

These soul beads will rid your body of toxins and stress, allowing your physical body to take perfect form and allowing spiritual self and existence to "shine" through.  It will completely cleanse your aura, which will allow positive energies such as success and wealth attach themselves to you.<br /><br /> 

These are very powerful soul beads and they are rare due to the general lack of acceptance of the soul star chakra.  I wish people in general would realize this... these powers are at least fifty times greater than any crown chakratic energy or item.<br /><br />

This piece will be a new beginning and the start of a new you-- a complete and revitalize spiritual renewal.  What are you waiting for?  Change is a good thing!!<br /><br />

*You will receive 1 soul bead from this enchanted strand~!