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Heart of the Sea<br /><br />


This treasured heart of the sea holds a unique and proprietary formulation of nature’s primary elements that create the Essence of Morning Vitality and Mental Alertness. <br /><br />

The carved stone comes from deep beneath the ocean is contains energies that promote powers that will detoxify your body and remove pollutants through your skin.<br /><br />

You will be renewed with a rage of sensuality and vitality -- you will feel younger and will become more active when the energies of the stone infuse your body with the waters powers!<br /><br />

Attach this to a cord, or chain and use it as a pendulum. Sit in a dark and quiet room in a meditative stance (legs crossed) and begin waving the chain in front of you, watching only the blue heart. Do NOT move your entire head! As you watch you will begin to feel light headed, when this occurs close your eyes and envision the flooding of waters cleansing out your body.<br /><br />

You will then feel warm, this is the polluntants and toxins exiting your pores. After you feel back to "normal", open your eyes and immediately begin to wear the piece. <br /><br />

It will continuously collect the new negative aspects that will come forth in the world daily. You can utilize the pendulum ritual to regenerate the powers at anytime!<br /><br />


GREAT PIECE~!!<br /><br />