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If you are one of the lucky few who are already in love, and maybe have a fabulous sex life then many of our newly tested items will not be needed, so I wanted to get on a few other pieces that have been invoked. They still will be given a special price for the Valentine's Day Sale!<br /><br />

This is an eye morphing owl that is wise and wealthy. An owl that is able to stay perched in a tree and make a home is able to implode more power than one that constantly has to change its location.<br /><br />

Due to weather, energies and human interference, most owls do not get to live in one designated area for long.<br /><br />

The gems in this piece were blessed upon Emir when he found a dead owl in the woods when visitng State College, PA. He was in the U.S. only a few weeks and was helping us with an investigation when this occurred. <br /><br />

He was staying at a small bed and breakfast and the owners told him about "Hootlin" their owl that was there prior to them even buyin the place. He had been a permanent fixture for years. When Emir went out one night to sit in the courtyard, he found Hootin dead next to the bench he was sitting on.<br /><br />

He ran in to tell the owners and they buried him beneath the tree. Emir had a dream that night that showed him a cavern in the woods. There were degree coordinates presented to him and he was intrigued to know if this was something real. He awoke from the dream and immediately wrote down the coordinates. <br /><br />

He realized that after searching out the coordinates that they were close by where he was. He took the next day to investigate and after many hours, located the location of his dream. Inside the cavern he found a small glass jar, that resembled a baby food conatiner.<br /><br />

The container housed a small piece of cheese cloth that held many sparkling gems! They were rare and exotic. The smallest gems were made into this piece to honor Hoodin and it radiates wealth, prosperity and wisdom upon the adorner.<br /><br />

Emir knows that Hoodin granted him the wisdom dream to locate the amazing treasure!<br /><br />