Watcher of the Woods

Watcher of the Woods

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Watcher of the Woods<br /><br />

I got this piece from a witch who lives in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.  I'm not going to give out her identity, because she doesn't really want people bothering her.  She is a friend of Deedee's, as Deedee used to live in Egg Harbor.  You know Deedee attracts the different ones.  Anyway, during a visit she offered this piece to me, telling me that she is sure that I will thrilled with what I find. <br /><br />

After I took the piece home, I immediately began investigation into this piece.  The piece is fabricated entirely from wood that is present in the New Jersey Barren Lands.  Most of the Barrens is Pine, although there are a few other species here and there.  This wood is a mystical wood from the center of the Pine Barrens.  The wood is used by a bunch of wood nymphs that have developed a coven a civilization in the Pine Barrens.  Our contact, being a witch, was able to make contact with the Nymphs. <br /><br />

Witches and Nymphs get along well together.  They can both understand and appreciate the land and the magic that it has to offer.  The witch became very close to the Nymphs summoning them for odd-job seances and readings.  The witch was given this piece.  It is a very powerful piece, with the picture of a nymph etched in a particular material that only the Nymphs have.  It reacts with the special type of wood to make this piece ultra powerful.<br /><br />
This piece will manifest the power of of the Nymphs from the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Your Nymph is known as a Hyleoroi Nymph, meaning watcher of the woods.  Your Nymph is essentially that.  She must be attached to wood somehow.  Thus, she was placed in this piece.  This wood, combined with the etched figure of the Nymph will activate the powers within that are all naturally occuring dual core magic.  They include the ability to cast spells, summon white and dark energy, and summon the powere of the four elements.<br /><br />

Additionally, Nymphs are well known for their sexual activity.  Your Nymph will manifest the longing and desire they have to to sexually please.  This will heighten your state of arousal to a level that allow for sex on the astral plane.  This is the best kind of sex because it provides out of body experiences and acquisitions of new powers!!  This piece is all original and very powerful!!  Don't hesitate, make it yours today!!<br /><br />

To use this piece, simply wear the ring.  Be in nature around trees and in the woods as much as possible in your free time.  after about seven days, you will start to notice that your nymph is manifesting her powers through you.  Your powers will multiply once she begins having astral sex with you.  Having astral sex frequently will enable her trust, which will manifest her powers to you at least 100 times over!!  This is a very powerful piece!!<br /><br />