Zulu vampire-2
Zulu vampire-2
Zulu vampire-2

Zulu vampire-2

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Apparently, Christianity isn't the only religious group that has a hero to be resurrected from the dead.  On February 7, 2012, a man claiming to be a reincarnated Zulu music sensation was arrested and taken in for questioning.
A man claiming to be the beloved Khulekani Mgqumeni "Kwakhe" Khumalo, one of the best known figures in traditional Maskandi music of South Africa, has been confirmed by family members.  Kwakhe's own grandmother, his daughter, and two common-law wives have all identified the man that claims to Kwakhe as the real deal. 

Officials, on the other, aren't so convinced.  They are taking the man in for questioning and are detaining him on possible charges of fraud.  Whether or not officials in South Africa find conclusive physical evidence that this is Kwakhe is neither her nor there.  The fact remains that this is the real Kwakhe.  I was sent this item priorite to test out as soon as possible when rumors of Kwakhe's return began circulating. 

Kwakhe said he was never fully dead.  He was taken to the Underworld to prepare for death, where he was surrounded by zombies who were preparing him for his spiritual eternity.  The zombies are equivalents of demonic forces, particularly vampires.  His account says that they were going to put a nail in his head to prepare him for his spirit journey to the other side.  Yeah, your guess is as good as mine as to the nail, but I guess it's part of their ritual.  

Kwakhe tried to plead his case... that he wasn't ready to die yet.  The zombies weren't having any of it, so Kwakhe took matters into his own hands.  Using Zulu magic that he had created in his many songs he produced as a mortal, he was able to ward off his undead counterparts.  He quickly cast all his mystic arts into a this relic, that he found in the realm he was taken to.  Using this piece he climbed out of the pits of the Underworld and returned to his place a mortal being.  

Now, his piece is available.  He has created a new one just in case, but offers this relic as proof.  We obtained the piece, which holds one of his original captors.  He needed an entity to perform the powers correctly, so he cast a control spell over this one and infused him into the piece.
This full form Zulu vampire holds all the powers of Kwakhe and his mystic enchantment.  This will bring you dual form powers and the powers of Kwakhe's music, which can entrance and suggest.  It is the power that provides for mind control.  

This is a very powerful piece.  It will allow you to manifest yourself into a vampire if you  so choose, gaining all the powers associated with the undead, including the ability to gain entrance to the underworld.  It really is a unique type of power, as these vampire beings are sort of different and exclusive.  You'd really have to use the piece to understand, so why not give it a try?  

This piece is sterling silver. The size can be adjusted.