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Gulf of Aden Vortex<br /><br />
I got a piece a few weeks ago in the mail, and I'm thinking that it is a cause for alarm.  It came from a connection that I have that works for the Department of National Homeland Security, which was created by George Bush.  With that being said, and taking into consideration Bush is part of the Illuminati who are trying to take over the world, it needed to be taken into serious consideration  After testing this piece and using it, I determined that I needed to make duplicates of it and offer them to people so that way everyone knows what's going on. <br /><br /> 
Everyone knows about 2012 and the planetary alignment.  Whether you believe that 2012 is going to be the end of the world or not, it is pretty much agreed upon by everyone that something is going happen-- we just don't know for sure yet exactly what is going to happen, unless you have help of some prophetic magic.  <br /><br />
Anyway, the piece that I received has been recovered from something that is known as the Vortex of Aden.  I'm not surprised that you haven't heard of it yet, because the people that have been in charge of handling the Vortex have done a pretty good job of covering up.  Those people would be a coalition between three major government powers, China, Russia, and the United States of America. <br /><br /> 
Currently the combined naval force of 27 countries is stationed outside of Somalia to fight against pirate-- or so they say.  These pirates are poorly armed and are driving around in cheap speed boats.  An alliance of 27 countries, though-- to fight off poorly armed pirates?  I think not.  Here's what's really going on.<br /><br />  
In late 2000, a magnetic vortex was discovered over the Gulf of Aden, as reported by Admiral Maksimov of the Russian Northern Fleet.  Russian, China, and the USA joined efforts to research the vortex, but what was discovered defied logc and the laws of Physics.<br /><br />  
The USA set up a center for operations and developed a task force called the Combined Joint Task Force-- Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) to monitor the vortex.  All was going just fine until 2008 when the vortex began to expand.  America appealed to Freemason orders, the New World Order that is behind the scenes, and upper-influence members of the Illuminati to put together a stronger task force and the result was a powerhouse from 27 of the world's best naval fleets, including the navies of Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Indian, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Great Britain, and the USA.  It is the largest naval force to have ever been assembled in world history!! <br /><br /> 
So what is it that the world elite are so afraid of that they have made the biggest unofficial alliance in history of people that would otherwise be bitter enemies?  That is the secret that is in this piece.  It will give you the powers to bilocate to the center of the Vortex of Aden.  This power has been made with Illuminati magic and distributed sparingly to the most influential people in the world. CJTF-HOA does not want this piece to fall into the hands of the public. <br /><br /> 
I'm not sure how this piece has been made, because the vortex is so powerful.  However, this power must have been made from top-level Illuminati, because the power in this piece rises against the powers of the portal.  This piece will take you to the portal, where you will be transported to a Holographic Time Record, that will give account to all things and magics in the world.  It will open your eyes and give you the knowledge of existence like you've never experienced it before.  The Vortex leads to the center of the Earth to a race of people that have existed there peacefully and are the long time descendants of the ancient Atlanteans.  They will give you the knowledge of the destiny of the world and the hand they have in it.<br /><br />   
Although no responsibility has been taken, publicly at least, for the occurrence of the Vortex in the Gulf of Aden,  it is interesting to note that the vortex has even more rapidly been expanding following the showing of strange, spiraling lights in Norway in 2009.  It is also interesting to note that concurrent to the time of the lights in Norway, Russian President Putin, American President Obama, and Defence Secretary Gates into a secret underground defense bunker.  Additionally, I have a source that says HAARP had a hand in it, but again, this piece will tell you all the secrets you need to know. <br /><br /> 
I have duplicated the powers in the piece that I originally received into these pierces here.  I have used this ability personally, and I will tell you that you will be shocked at the correlation between prophecy in the Bible, the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, and the ancient Atlanteans.  It's coming, folks. Be ready. <br /><br />