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So another Valentine's Day is here -- for many it is a happy day filled with surprises and love; for others it is a hated day, a reminder that they are alone and lonely.<br /><br />

There are so many negative comments and components that bring the aura down and will keep those who are unhappy and single in that same state.<br /><br />

With today's technology we have so many technological ways to showcase our daily lives  -- such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.<br /><br />

This comment was made on a friend of mines FB page:<br /><br />

I'm trying to figure out why some of my news feed is crowded by people throwing themselves  a pity party and advertising that this years gonna suck because they don't have a Valentine?...what?<br /><br />
A) Noone wants to date a whiny bitch so that's prob why you have no Valentine.<br /><br />
B) Embrace don't need to spend money on anyone.<br /><br />
C) Buy yourself some candy..its not that expensive.<br /><br />
Damn, I should just be Cupid.<br /><br />

This comment made me think that people are showcasing themselves negatively, which is going to push them into a deeper stage of stagnation, and they will not be able to understand why no one is intersested.<br /><br />

Instead of buying yourself some candy and eating unnecessary calories -- you should get this piece, as it holds the embrace and embarkment of a full cleansing and hypnotization. This will hypnotize the stagnant elements that are hindering you with doubt about yourself. This doubt and fear of being alone sends off negative energies from your aura and you will not easily be able to send off good chakras to find love.<br /><br />

This is a flower that will bloom within you to evoke a new found embrace on life -- you will be sure to find companionship, with new friendships and the covenant of a love interest will quickly blossom~!!<br /><br />

**This is set in a sterling setting~ Great Value for this awesome piece!!