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We have all been taught that "slow and steady wins the race", the tortoise takes his time and keeps a pace instead of wasting all his energy by quickly running ahead, like the rabbit does!<br /><br />

Well in life this is also how money evades itself. If you are slow and steady and make wise decisions, instead of quick impulses you will be more advanced and have more money to showcase!<br /><br />

This lesson is something that is hard for many people to learn -- we all have a desire to buy expensive things we don't need. This occurs due to bring us happiness, or in order for us to keep up with the Jones'.<br /><br />

This pin was designed and spellcast to impose the ideals to bring forth wealth upon the wearer.<br /><br />

You will be charged with energies that will purfiy your mind to have better financial sense and this will also attract great business endeavors your way. You will stop and think before making big investments, as this will help lead you down the path to victory!<br /><br />