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The power of the Moon in Wicca cannot be overstated. The pull of the moon influences every living thing on the planet!<br /><br />

 It creates tides on every scale --- not just the oceanic tides to which we are most familiar.<br /><br />

Lunar influences are a vital factor in the Earth's ability to support life, because without the Moon, life would most likely not have evolved here.<br /><br />

In Wiccan majesties the Moon represents the female aspect of Divinity. It is noted to embody the qualities that we associate with Yin. The follicles of fluidity, ever-changing yet eternal, bringing life, shining brightly yet softly, and holding many mysteries.<br /><br />

The Moon is seen as a Goddess -- the Feminine Face of God.<br /><br />

From this awesome creative power comes the Moon's influence on Wiccan philosophy, and especially Wiccan magic.<br /><br />

The phases of the Moon creates energies that affect us perhaps as much as its gravitational pull does. So understanding the phases of the Moon becomes crucial when working with magic.<br /><br />

In fact, the Moon's power to affect all living beings is astounding, even though it is barely acknowledged. It is almost like a secret that those who know about do not want to share. The illumination of power is kept as an embrace for only a select few to encompass!<br /><br />

With this piece you will embark on the knowledge of the generative powers that the Moon holds.<br /><br />

The powers will instill your soul with majestic abilities to expand the levels of your understanding of life and the energies that are overlooked and underutilized; basically you will become a skilled master of a rare known magic --- by learning and being able to use the facets of power that the "Goddess" possesses! <br /><br />