Cauldrons of Siberia
Cauldrons of Siberia

Cauldrons of Siberia

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Cauldrons of Siberia


This secret comes from deep within Siberia's Valley of Death.  If for some reason you would be able to make it through the miles of forestry, swamps filled with wild hybrid mosquitos, the almost impassable taiga, and all the other hardships and pains in the ass that come from traveling there, you will find a barren wasteland.  It is in this barren wasteland where a secret is hidden from most of the world.  Now, if you've survived this long, chances are that you will survive to witness the secret, which are large metallic domes, or cauldrons, that are buried into the landscape and they are emanating radiation-- or some kind of energy.  <br /><br />


As the rumor goes, the domes stay as warm as the summer time in a landscape that can sometimes freeze people and animals to death.  They say that if you somehow don't get killed by the habitat, that the domes will kill you for sure. <br /><br /><br /><br />


As for the makeup of the domes themselves; we have a correspondent, Adita, who visited the domes several years ago.   Locals say that the domes are compare of metal-- specifically copper.  However, we were able to determine that the domes are NOT made up of copper.  Copper is malleable.  It dents when you hammer it.  It chips when you chisel it.  This metal, on the contrary, has no reactions whatsoever, which leads me to believe that they are a form of metal that comes from some far away place.  <br /><br />


I had Adita investigate the domes, and she has confirmed that there is an energy forcefield that is radiating from the domes, but it is not radioactive.  It is an energy that holds its sources somewhere else-- as in a separate planet in a universe apart.  It exists somewhere in another dimension that exists parallel to our own.  The reason it makes people sick and even kills some is because the human brain is way too far underdeveloped to comprehend the knowledge that is being radiated from the Cauldrons.  <br /><br />


Clever Adita, however, has a fix.  She let these items alone in a particularly powerful Cauldron overnight, to soak up the energy instead.  When she retrieved her pieces, the energy was infused into the pieces and had underwent a transformation.  <br /><br />


This piece houses the energy from the Cauldrons, in a capacity that is going to elevate the mind to allow you to understand the powers of the energy.  It will allow your mind to wander astrally to travel to the realm from which these beings are from.  The powers come from a far, far, far advanced civilization that lives on a star in a universe parallel to our own.  Their powers will bring to you extreme wealth, healing, telekinetic, telepathic, psychic, and elemental energies.  This will allow you to become a very powerful being, as in you will manifest the powers of these advanced beings, making you there equal while still remaining human.  <br /><br />


We have been digging for these powers for a long time and have finally come across them.  We began testing them immediately, because we were all excited with the magical breakthrough.    These powers are amazing.  Jason used it to heal one his friends dogs, who was about to die.  Deedee used this piece to travel to the realm to obtain other secrets and powers.  I used it to travel astrally to their realm, where I attended a spiritual trance rave, which put me into complete esoteric form and manifest all my subliminal powers to me.  This piece is very powerful.  Don't pass it up!!  <br /><br />

We have ten of these items.  One of them is listed and shown, so you may not be receiving this item.  The item you will receive, instead is one that is similar and equally as powerful.  <br /><br />

Ezekiel's Tomb and the New Temple

Ezekiel's Tomb and the New Temple<br /><br />
In a small town call Kifl, in the war torn country of Iraq is the tomb of a very powerful prophet of God.  This man's name was Ezekiel and he preached to the Jews in captivity under Nebuchadnezzr in the 6th century B.C.  It is in this town that Ezekiel saw visions of God.<br /><br />  
The tomb was built in the 14th Century on the banks of the Euphrates River, as the land has been considered consecrated since the times of Ezekiel.  The tomb is conical, withc Islamic floral design on the inside.  There are inscriptions on the wall and the place emanates a sort of energy that you would almost have to experience for yourself to understand.<br /><br />  
God began contact Ezekiel in the 6th Century B.C. when he appeared to Ezekiel in a vision that depicted God as riding in a chariot that was pulled by Cherubs.  He was given prophecy of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem due to the Israelites wicked ways.  Nonetheless, his prophecy became true with in his lifetime, following which he began receiving new prophecy about a new temple.  Nobody knows for sure whether the "new temple" he was talking about is one of the temples that have been rebuilty in Jerusalem or not.<br /><br />  
However, I have a piece the embodies the powers from New Temple that was prophesied by Ezekiel.  It holds the prophesying powers at the Temple of Ezekiel as well.  Adita submitted this piece to me a few weeks back and I have been testing it ever since.  Duirng my experience testing this piece, I was taken to the "New Temple" which was built in the Highest Level of Heaven.  I was given the power to walk with the cherubs and serahis who were give the ability to enter the New Temple.<br /><br />  
Inside the New Temple is where God is storing up all his sacred powers.  They are being kept until the final times, when God will relinquish this power upon the Human Race for their wicked ways.  He will then use the powers in the New Temple  to fulfill the prophecy of the New Jerusalem that will fall down from Heaven.  The New Temple will also fall down and it will be a store house for God's power and a source for his majestic white magic. <br /><br /> 
This piece will also allow you remittance of gods powers that will ascend your spirit into the New Temple.  When you enter the New Temple you will receive Ezekiel's prophesying power and teh ability to walk with angels to receive their visions, knowledge, and powers.  You will be given prophecy of the same kind that was given to me.  This will give you the truth, and that is what we are all after isn't it?  It will also give you some really powerful magic!  This is definitely a piece that you want to invest in, as it is powerful and one of a kind!!  <br /><br />
Ezekiel's Tomb and the New Temple
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