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The “Power of 3″ refers to the 3 key systems at work in a human being…body, mind, and spirit. The POWER of 3 describes the direct result of a complete balance and unification in all 3 dynamics.  When one falls out of balance, the other will suffer.  All 3 are connected and will bear the brunt of a system’s misalignment with its purpose.<br /><br />

Stress, emotional anguish, unfulfilled dreams, brokenness, unforgiveness, anger…the list continues on…all will contribute to an unbalanced mind and emotional stress.  This emotional anguish propels the body into possible physical manifestations.<br /><br />

Have you ever felt a “pit” in your stomach when you feel nervous or scared? The systems are connected and one will affect the other.<br /><br />

On a spiritual plain, when you are experiencing emotional issues, does your relationship with your Creator suffer?  When you encounter mental anguish, pulling out of the disturbing ditch creates a difficult situation to manage.  As a result, you find yourself drifting further and further away from your Source.  In your drifting your physical body feels the tension, though it may not be evident at the moment.<br /><br />

For instance, digestive troubles may signal a clue to an underlying emotional or physical imbalance.  Your first thought may include a mad dash for the Tums to gain temporary relief, but have you really addressed the main issue?  Consider an emotional imbalance or an imbalance in your physical body systems.<br /><br />

Although the need to eliminate a symptom remains a probable solution, true healing does not evolve by “band-aiding a problem” or simply curing a symptom.  Symptoms are merely beautiful reminders telling us we need to take a look at our systems to recognize, without judgment, the imbalances in order to begin a journey of refreshing and rejuvenation -- that is what this piece does, it takes the power of 3, represented by the 3 gemstones to balance your mind, body and spirit and bring forth greatness in your life~!<br /><br />