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Rolling in the dough... a wish we all have! Who couldn't use some extra cash? This piece is an empirical necklace that holds a jade follicle that comes from Nigeria.<br /><br />

This special jade holds forces of personal creation; meaning it will create what you need to bring you less stress in life.<br /><br />

Whether you are broke, living pay check to pay check, or have millions to spare -- there is still stress that lingers over you!<br /><br />

Hence the status of "broke at different levels" -- and "money doesn't buy happiness" ... but this piece will make you happy! And it can bring you money --- it is an alleviate necessity item that will forecast the status of your life and when your levels rise to hinder an issue, or need, wearing this necklace will forecast a relief to bring good fortune to make things better`!!<br /><br />


Truly Amazing Item**<br /><br />